Project Zomboid Top 10 Best Traits

Project Zomboid it’s a complex survival game. When creating your survivor for the first time you have a lot of Traits to choose from. But they have positive and negative effects and you need to choose from both to balance each other out. Check here the Project Zomboid best Traits.

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project zomboid best traits

Best Traits in Project Zomboid

Traits are positive and negative modifiers for your survivor in Project Zomboid. You have a certain amount of points to spend, the positive traits spend them so you need to pick negative traits to retrieve points.

Positive Traits

Dextrous (-2)

In Project Zomboid you will spend most of the time scavenging and managing your inventory. But unlike the majority of other survival games, the process isn’t instant. The Dextrous decreases the inventory transferring time by 50%, which will save you a lot of time, and of course, you are less time exposed to danger.

Fast Learner (-6)

Watching TV and reading books it’s very important to learn new skills in the game, essential to level up your chances of survival. Fast Learner will increase all experience gains except for Strength and Fitness by 130 percent, putting you at an advantage in the early stages of the apocalypse.

Lucky (-4)

As we said you spend a lot of your time scavenging. This trait is great because increases in 10% the chances of finding rare loot, like medical supplies or the best weapons. Also reduces by 5% the chances of failing the repairing of anything.

Keen Hearing (-6)

You only can detect zombies inside your vision cone, so you easily can get deadly surprises. Keen Hearing is one of the best Project Zomboid traits as it doubles the size of the perception radius.

Wakeful (-2)

Time is precious in Project Zomboid, being this a complex survival game, sleep it’s essential. But while you are sleeping you not doing anything more, this trait reduces your sleep requirement by 30 percent by only the cost of 2 points, that’s a good deal.

Negative Traits

Smoker (+4)

In real life, smoking is bad for your health, but in a zombie pandemic, there are bigger concerns. Smoker, it’s one of the best negative traits in Project Zomboid, you get 4 points and only need some cigarettes a day to keep your stress low. Cigarettes are relatively easy to find across the map.

High Tirst (+6)

Another good negative trait of Project Zomboid, it gives you 6 points. The negative effect is that your survivor needs to drink twice as much water. Just bring an additional bottle with you, even with the cut of piped water with the progress of the zombie apocalypse, you still have many sources of water available.

Weak Stomach (+3)

Like in the real life, in Project Zomboid is always a bad idea to eat rotten food or something you don’t know is poisonous. Just avoid this and the Weak Stomach trait will not represent any negative effect on you.

Slow Healer (+6)

This trait makes you recover slowly from injuries and illness. If you have resources and a safe base you can still effectively heal. And if you are good at dodging the zombies you will rarely be injured for the slower healing rate to affect your gameplay.

Short Sighted (+2)

Another negative trait with an effect that does not affect to much your gameplay by only reduces 2 points the foraging radius. Effect nulled you wear glasses.