Project Zomboid Top 10 Best Melee Weapons

Anything can be a weapon against the zombies

In Project Zomboid, firearms are usually the obvious choice when it comes to killing the undead, however in practice, these end up not being an option most of the time. First, firearms are rare, as are ammunition. The noise also ends up attracting all the zombies in the vicinity and if you don’t pay attention you’ll end up surrounded in no time. So melee weapons will be the choice most of the time, and there are plenty of them, literally of any type. In this guide, we make a selection of the best Project Zomboid melee weapons.

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Best Project Zomboid melee weapons



The Katana is extremely effective against zombies due to its high speed and damage, capable of killing with one hit. It’s the best melee weapon in Project Zomboid but is also very rare to find, they usually can be found in gun stores and hardware stores.



The Axe is one of the most durable weapons in the game. Capable of dealing high damage is effective against both zombies and barricaded doors. It can often be found in abandoned fire stations.

Project Zomboid best melee weapons


The Machete is a lightweight weapon that can cut through hordes of zombies with no difficulty, being one of the best Project Zomboid melee weapons. It is a durable weapon but unfortunately, that cannot be repaired. Machete is also great for scavenging. Can be found in gun stores, and hardware stores.

Project Zomboid baseball bat

Baseball Bat

One of the most famous weapons to kill zombies in movies, series, and games. The Baseball Bat has high accuracy and moderate damage, and also a high chance of knocking down zombies. It is relatively simple to find, making him the best weapon for early-game.

Project Zomboid best weapons


The crowbar is also a very popular weapon to kill zombies, it has good damage and range, and is relatively simple to find. This one is the best one in terms of durability. On the other hand is also a useful tool for scavenging and looting, making it an essential item for survival.

Project Zomboid best melee weapons

Hunting Knife

The Hunting Knife, duo is short range and the low damage is not the best for direct engages but is great for stealth kills. Approach a zombie from behind and kill it silently to not alert the others. Often found in kitchens.

Project Zomboid best melee weapons

Crafted Spear

The spear is a long-range weapon capable of several quick strikes from a safer distance. Despite being an effective weapon against zombies, it has a significant weakness, its durability is very low. But being easy to craft you can stock some spears at your Base in Project Zomboid.

Project Zomboid nightstick


The Nightstick, a policer’s melee weapon is a great choice to deal with the undeath. Has reasonable durability but unfortunately cannot be repaired. Can be found in police zombies, patrol cars and police stations.

Project Zomboid metal bar

Metal Bar

Metal Bar is one of the easiest weapons to find in Project Zomboid. You can gather him simply by destroying parts of the environment, such as fences or gates. It is a basic short blunt weapon so if you have high skills in Short Blunt, you can kill zombies easier.



The Hammer is a great starter weapon, they have a pretty short range with decent damage. It’s very common to find it everywhere in the world of Project Zomboid. This tool obviously serves its purpose, it’s essential for crafting, make sure you always have one hammer in your belt.