SnowRunner How to Get Zikz 605R Truck

The best Truck of SnowRunner

SnowRunner can be very challenging and you will need good driving skills, patience, and of course good trucks for the job. There are many great options, but there is one that stands out and is considered by most players to be the best SnowRunner truck, the Zikz 605R. Introduced in New Frontiers DLC, this Russian truck it’s almost unstoppable in any kind of terrain, even in the deepest mud with heavy cargo. However, to get your hands on the king of SnowRunner you need to do some hard work first.

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How to Get the Zikz 605R in SnowRunner

The Zikz 605R is available in the Amur, Russian Federation, available in New Frontiers DLC (Phase Four). The truck is waiting for you to repair and refuel at Cosmodrome Map, but first, you need to clear the way from Urska River to reach it.

To help you get this great truck below there is the maps with the markers and routes.

Urska River

Zikz 605R location SnowRunner
Urska River Map

1 – Warehouse Trouble

This quest will unlock the warehouse, where you can get all the materials to open the way to the Cosmodrome. You need to rescue a trailer in the north area of the map and bring it back to the warehouse.

2 – Bridge to the Warehouse

Now with the Warehouse open, rebuild the bridge.

  • 2x Metal Beams 
  • 2x Service Spare Parts 

3 – Landslide on the Highway

Next is a roadblock with rocks where you need to deliver:

  • 2x Wooden Planks
  • 1x Service Spare Parts

Two more bridges to rebuild in the next two tasks.

4 – Bridge to the Island

  • 2x Metal Beams 
  • 2x Service Spare Parts 

5 – Bridge to Town

  • 2x Metal Beams 
  • 2x Service Spare Parts 

6 – A Heap of Work

The last task in this map, in order to open the tunnel to the Cosmodrome you need to deliver:

  • 4x Wooden Planks
  • 4x Service Spare Parts
  • 2x Metal Beams

In the second stage, deliver the Service Trailer, located at the right bottom corner of the map (green line).


Zikz 605R location SnowRunner
Cosmodrome Map

1 – Important, as soon as you arrive at the Cosmodrome, go to the garage to unlock it. Pick a good offroad truck with the Maintenance Frame Addon to repair and refuel the Zikz 605R.

2 – Head south, following the road, eventually you’ll find the road blocked by fallen trees. Here or do the Fallen Trees activity to clear the way by delivering 2x Service Spare Parts. Or you can bypass the blockade along the riverbank.

3 – The last part is the tricky one. You need to make your way through the rocks and trees to reach the Zikz truck. Finally, when you reach it, activate the Stargazer task in front of the truck and then repair and refuel it, congratulations you now owned the best truck in SnowRunner.