SnowRunner Top 5 Best Offroad Trucks 2024

Best trucks for the job

SnowRunner is a trucking simulator that can be very challenging and will need good driving skills, patience, and of course good trucks for the job. Depending on the maps you will face challenging terrains like slopes, snow, or mud … a lot of mud. To help you deliver your cargo with success here you have a list of the best offroad trucks in SnowRunner. Not all are really in the category of Offroad, some are Heavy, what really matters is their performance in the more challenging conditions.

Don’t forget one important thing, the upgrades are so important than the trucks themselves, especially the tires, check here the list of Best Tires in Snowrunner.

Best SnowRunner Offroad Trucks

Azov 64131

SnowRunner best offroad trucks

When we think of the best trucks for SnowRunner, the Azov 64131 is the first to come to mind. It’s a cheap truck available in Russia in the early game, so it’s the best truck for starting players. The Azov 64131 always has AWD and differential lock active, so it can cross the most challenging terrains, but despite that, the fuel consumption is not too high, and long distances will not be a problem. Have excellent traction on Mud and can cross deep water with ease. It tends to get stuck on rocks and if you’re not careful it can quickly capsize on slopes. The biggest downside it’s low speed, long distances can take a little more time.

Voron AE-4380

SnowRunner best offroad trucks

Another Russian truck is on the top of the best SnowRunner Offroad trucks. This one is very similar to the Tayga 6436 in terms of performance. The AWD and differential lock is always active so it’s easy to drive in all terrains. The Voron AE-4380 is one of the fastest trucks in the game, the fuel consumption is on average so the 250L fuel tank is enough to cover good distances, but keep an eye on Gas Stations.

Tayga 6436

SnowRunner best offroad trucks

The Tayga 6436 is also unlocked in the base game, at Taymyr, but be aware, at first, is nothing special, you need to unlock and equip the upgrades. The AWD and differential lock is always active, combined with the powerful engine, you rarely will get stuck anywhere. It manages to reach good speeds, although fuel consumption is not the best, its 330L tank allows you to make long trips with few stops to refuel. One of the best things about this offroad truck is the 51′ TMHS tires, the best for deep mud, those are only available in a few SnowRunner trucks. Can be equipped with various add-ons but unfortunately not with a crane and flatbed at the same time.

Azov 42-20 Antarctic

Azov 42-20 Antarctic SnowRunner

The Azov 42-20 Antarctic is unlocked later in the game. Its huge tires stand out, capable of passing through the deepest mud with ease. Deep water won’t be a problem either, not even with an almost submerged cabin. Overall, its performance is similar to the Caterpillar 745C, and also was articulated steering which can be a little tricky at first for some players. Was a very slow speed like the Azov 64131. Only a few add-ons are available, for 2 cargo slots, fortunately trailers can be attached. Ironically, this Arctic truck doesn’t have the traction to go under the ice, there are no chain tires.

ZiKZ 605R

ZiKZ 605R SnowRunner

On the podium of this list could only be the ZiKZ 605R, the offroad king of SnowRunner. Introduced in New Frontiers DLC, the ZiKZ 605R it’s unlocked on the Cosmodrome, but you need to do some tasks first. The time and effort to get your hands on this truck are totally worth it. With the most powerful engine and big special tires, it’s almost unstoppable in any kind of terrain, even in the deepest mud with heavy cargo. Its design with a low center of gravity gives it enormous stability, so only in extreme cases is there a risk of tipping over. Can be equipped with add-ons that hold a lot of repair points and fuel, so long trips will not be a problem. Unfortunately won’t have chain tires so be careful with icing roads, the small crane it’s not available for the ZiKZ 605R, something very useful to use with a flatbed.


snowrunner FEMM 37-AT

With the release of Season 12: Public Power, we need to update this post because it looks like the long reign of the ZiKZ 605R has come to an end, the new king of SnowRunner is now the FEMM 37-AT. Among other configurations, it has a 4-slot bed, the same as the Western Star 6900 TwinSteer. Or 3 slots and 1 crane, however, trailers can be attached. At the moment this is the truck with the most powerful engine in SnowRunner. This is an articulated truck like the Antarctic, which may be a negative for many players, but it also has huge tires that make it through snow and deep mud better than most.