SnowRunner Tires Sheet 2023

SnowRunner’ best Tires in 2023

In SnowRunner you have a lot of tires to choose from. The game rates them by “Poor”, “Average”, “Good”, and “Excellent” for the different types of terrain. However, all the tires of the same type are the exact same ratings, so a big doubt is if it is any difference in performance or is just cosmetic. The answer is, yes really there is a performance difference, and here we show you what are the best Tires in SnowRunner, for each type of terrain.

Although the game gives you the same ratings, each tire in the same category has different performance values for road, dirt, and mud. The true values are hidden from the players however can be found in the game source files. Below you can find the values for all Tires available at the moment in SnowRunner, with expansions included. Meanwhile, check also the best SnowRunner Scouts in 2023.

SnowRunner best tires

SnowRunner Tires Sheet 2023

UHD I310.4
UHD II31.20.2
UHD III3.210.2
HMD I310.4
HMD II31.20.2
HMD III3.210.2
HS I20.80.4
HS II210.2
HS III2.50.80.2
FHMD I310.4
ATMD I1.91.51
ATMD II1.51.51.2
ATMD III1.51.71
UAD I1.91.51
UAD II1.51.51.2
UAD III1.51.71
UAD III Chains1.231.3
P12 AT1.91.51
ATHS I1.51.51.2
SPO I1.51.52
UCD I1.51.41.5
TrAT I1.51.51
AS I11.41
AS II111.2
AS III1.211
OHD I (P16)0.833.5
OHD I (P512)0.833.5
OHD I0.831.9
OHD II0.83.21.5
OHD III131.5
OHD II Chains1.231.3
ANKO I0.831.7
OHS I131.5
OHS II0.831.8
UOD I131.5
UOD II0.831.9
UOD III0.83.21.5
D.S. 15C-177131.7
ZiKZ 566A0.831.3
OS I121.2
OG I0.832.1
CS I0.921.1
UOD I (F750)131.5
UOD II (F750)0.831.9
UOD III (F750)
Hummer H2 Tires321.2
TrO I0.831.5
Rezvani Tires321.2
TO I (Apache)121.2
OJ 1 (Jeep)321.2
Land Rover Tires321.2
MSH I0.51.73
MSH II0.51.73.2
MSH III0.523
MSH IV0.71.73
MHS I0.522
MHS II0.522.4
MHS III0.52.42
MHS I Chains1.231.3
AMHS I0.522.4
TMHS I0.522.4
Caterpillar 770G Tires0.523.5
Stock Tractor Tires0.51.73
DMHS I0.522
DMHS II0.522
Caterpillar TH357 Tires0.51.73
TO I (TUZ 420)0.538
MS I0.531.6
TM I0.52.42
TM II0.522.4
TrM I0.522
UAD III Chains1.231.3
OHD II Chains1.231.3
MHS I Chains1.231.3
CS I0.921.1
TrC I1.231.3