Project Zomboid Top 10 Best Occupations

Pick the right Job to survive the Zombies

In Project Zomboid your first step before you try to survive the zombie apocalypse is to choose the Occupation of your character. Each occupation has its own set of starting skills, traits, and equipment, which can significantly impact your survival chances. Here you can see our list of the best 10 Occupations in Project Zomboid.

Keep in mind that the “Best” occupations for you depend on your individual playstyle and preferences. Some players may prefer combat-oriented occupations, while others may prioritize skills related to survival, crafting, or resource management. Experimenting with different occupations can add variety and challenge to your gameplay experience.

Project Zomboid best occupations

Best Occupations in Project Zomboid

Park Ranger

  • +1 Axe
  • +1 Carpentry
  • +2 Foraging
  • +2 Trapping

This occupation is good for those who want to stay away from towns. Park Rangers can move faster inside the forest. They also have better luck in finding good resources in the wild


  • +2 Axe
  • +1 Strength

Lumberjacks are a great choice for beginners. They have a bonus of damage and speed with the Axe, which means they can gather wood from trees faster and also take down zombies easier. Can move faster inside the forest and they have a bonus to search mode. With more Strength at the start of the game, they can have more items in their inventory.

Fire Officer

  • +1 Axe
  • +1 Fitness
  • +1 Sprinting
  • +1 Strength

When we think about the best occupations to start in Project Zomboid, Firefighter is one of the first to come to mind. They come with a bonus in Fitness, Sprinting, and Strength, so carrying loads of loot will not be a problem for them. They also have more experience with the Axe, one of the best weapons in Project Zomboid.

Police Officer

  • +3 Aiming
  • +1 Nimble
  • +2 Reloading

If you prefer a more aggressive approach and shooting at the zombies in your way, the Police Officer can be a good choice. Has expected they are very effective with firearms, which can provide an advantage in combat against zombies. This occupation gives you a chance to spawn in the police station, the best place to get guns.

Security Guard

  • +1 Lightfooted
  • +2 Sprinting

Many players establish a good base in Project Zomboid to survive the zombie apocalypse, but others prefer to keep running without attracting attention. For those, Security Guards are a great choice, they need less sleep and are more alert to sound while asleep.


  • +3 Farming

As the world descends into zombie-infested chaos, the canned food we’re so used to will start to run out. This is where the Farmer takes advantage, from the beginning he is able to plant seeds to produce food. Hunger will be a constant problem during your entire journey if you can establish a food supply from the beginning that’s one big step to being ready for the endgame.


  • +3 Electrical

The Electrician occupation starts with high Electrical skills and can be useful for players who want to focus on repairing and maintaining electrical systems in the game. They can operate a Generator, very important when the lights go out.


  • +2 Lightfooted
  • +2 Nimble
  • +2 Sneaking

Burglars are the best Occupation in Project Zomboid for those who want sneak past zombies without fighting. They are less likely to break the lock of a window when sneaking into buildings. A big advantage is their ability to hotwire vehicles, so you don’t waste time looking for the keys.


  • +3 Carpentry
  • +1 Short Blunt

This occupation begins with high Carpentry skills, which is excellent for those who want to focus on fortifying their base against zombies. They are able to board up windows and doors, and create tinks like walls, extended floors, fences, or storage.


  • +2 Aiming
  • +2 Reloading

Definitely, the best occupation in Project Zomboid if you want to face the zombie hordes head-on. The Veterans have nerves of steel, unlike other survivors, they don’t lose their minds in a deadly situation, so they continue effectively in combat, even when surrounded. And of course, they are well-trained to use guns.