Project Zomboid Top 10 Best Cars

Drive to Survive

The post-apocalyptic world of Project Zomboid is huge. Walking the streets of Knox County on foot it’s dangerous and not much efficient. You will definitely need a car to make your life easier. You can travel long distances in search of food and other essential supplies like a generator, or move faster through the map. There are many cars still in working condition since you have their keys or can hot wire them. Naturally, each one has its strengths and weaknesses that make them more appropriate for certain tasks or playstyles. Check here the best cars to help you survive in Project Zomboid.

Best Cars in Project Zomboid

chavalier d6

10 – Chevalier D6

A pickup truck is always good for many situations, even in a zombie apocalypse. Has a decent space to store your loot, and the engine is very loud making him a good zombie attractor.

chevalier dart

9 – Chevalier Dart

The Chevalier Dart is just a standard car, modest in every way. But there’s one thing he’s one of the best cars in Project Zomboid, it’s very quiet. So you can drive without getting too much attention from the zombies.

project zomboid

8 – Masterson Horizon

This one is also one standard car, has the same stats as the Chevalier Dart, and also has a quiet engine. What makes it equally good for a more stealth approach.

dash bulldriver project zomboid

7 – Dash Bulldriver

The Bulldriver has ample storage and one of the most powerful engines. however, on the other side makes it significantly louder so you definitely get the zombie’s attention when going to town.

dash rancher

6 – Dash Rancher

If you prefer to keep away from the towns the Dash Rancher is one of the best cars to move in the wild. As a small car only has two seats and not much space for your stuff.

project zomboid cars

5 – Franklin All-Terrain

As the name suggests, Franklin All-Terrain is a great choice to go off-road. This powerful heavy-duty car with four seats also has a high storage capacity and is one of the most difficult vehicles to find in Project Zomboid.

fastest car in project zomboid

4 – Chevalier Cossette

If you want to move fast, really fast, the Chevalier Cossette is the car for you. This one is the fastest car in Project Zomboid, allowing you to cross big distances in no time. However, don’t expect to take too many items with you due to this limited space.

best cars in project zomboid

3 – Chevalier Nyala

The Nyala is one of the most common cars you find on the streets. With a good engine, high trunk storage, and room for three more passengers, this is one of the best picks for any survivor. You also have the police and ranger variants with sirens, and if you have luck, may have weapons in the trunk.

best cars in project zomboid

2 – Chevalier Step Van

You may wonder why a slow and louder van is at the top of the best cars to survive in Project Zomboid. The Step Van has the higher storage capacity in the game. You can literally put everything from your base inside and move to another place, or you can use it as a mobile base on long trips.

best car project zomboid

1 – Franklin Valuline (Ambulance)

The Franklin Valuline, more concretely the Ambulance version, is the best vehicle of Project Zomboid. This van has the second higher storage capacity and is almost as fast as sports cars. Its powerful engine is also capable of towing other vehicles or a trailer behind it. If you have luck, you can find some medical supplies in the back.