Palworld – How to breed Anubis

All Anubis Breeding Combinations

Anubis became one of the most popular Pals among Palworld players. He is one of the most powerful Pals in the game. Their strong stats and skills, make him perfect to work at the base and be part of your fight team. Capturing him will be extremely difficult, only possible in the end game with other powerful legendary Pals and a lot of Spheres. However, there is a way to get Anubis much sooner and easily, just by breeding the correct Pals. See here how to breed Anubis in Palworld.

Breed Anubis Palworld

How to breed Anubis in Palworld

To breed Anubis in Palworld, you follow the same process to breed any other Pal. We have already made a complete guide about how to breed Pals in Palworld that you can see by this link. But below are the key points in summary:

  • Unlock and build an Egg Incubator, Cooking Pot, and Breeding Farm;
  • Put the two Pals in the Breeding Farm;
  • Make a Cake and put it in the Breeding Farm;
  • Hatching the egg in the incubator;

There are thousands of possible combinations, fortunately, you can use a breeding calculator or simply see the list below. You will receive a Huge Rocky Egg, just place it in the incubator. Like any other newborn Pal, will be at level 1.

All Anubis Breeding Combinations in Palworld

  • Nitewing + Rayhound
  • Penking + Bushi
  • Eikthyrdeer + Beakon
  • Beakon + Caprity
  • Incineram + Surfent
  • Mossanda + Katress
  • Arsox + Pyrin

Where to find Anubis

The other way to get Anubis is by capturing him, like we said at the beginning, it is not an easy job. A level 47 Alpha Boss can be found at the center of the desert, standing below its own statue.