Palworld – How to Breed Pals and Hatch Eggs

Breed’em All

The Palworld it’s the new sensation at the moment, unofficially known as the “Pokemon with guns” game, you have at the moment 135 Pals of all sizes and shapes. You can breed them to get an egg, the breeding process it’s very useful allowing you to get Pals with higher stats and specific perks or to originate another elemental form from the same species. Check here how to Breed Pals and Hatch eggs in Palworld.

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Palworld - How to Breed Pals and Hatch Eggs

How to Breed Pals in Palworld

First, you need to unlock some things, the Egg Incubator, Cooking Pot, and Breeding Farm, which means that you need to progress to level 19.

  • Egg Incubator (level 7): 10 Paldium Fragment + 5 Cloth + 30 Stone +2 Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Cooking Pot (level 17): 20 Wood + 15 Ingot +3 Flame Organ
  • Breeding Farm (level 19): 100 Wood + 20 Stone + 50 Fiber

Put in the Breeding Farm the two Pals you want to bread, needless to say, it has to be opposite genders. There are some interesting options to choose from, if the parents are the same species, equally generate a Pal from the same species with better stats and with skills and perks from its parents.

Breed Pals of different species can result in a completely different species from the parents. Or joining Pals from different species can give origin to an elemental form from the family of one of the parents. For example, breed a Mau with any Ice-type Pal and you can get a Mau Cryst.

But there is still one step left for the magic to happen. You have to make a Cake and place it in the Breeding Farm, the ingredients are the following:

  • 5x Flour
  • 8x Red Berries
  • 7x Milk
  • 8x Eggs
  • 2x Honey

Some ingredients are easy to obtain, others not so much, they are found in the wild or purchased from merchants.

Now that the Pals have a cake wait some time and an egg will appear. The final step is Hatching the egg, just put it in the Incubator and wait until it is ready. The new Pal always will be born at level 1, level him up by putting him to work at your base our bringing him into the team.