Palworld – Breeding Spreadsheet and Calculator

You can use a breeding calculator

Palworld arrived and became an immediate success, in this game that combines the concept of Pokemon and survival we have more than 130 Pals with unique characteristics. Pals can also be breed together however it is possible to cross different species. To help the players a user published on Reddit a Spreadsheet with more than 18000 breeding pair combinations.

If you want to invest in the breeding process at Palworld we recommend you check the spreadsheet, the document is divided into different tabs and has a search option to facilitate consultation. Shows more than 18000 combinations, including all 28 unique/subtype combinations for the special Pal variations. There is also a breeding calculator for you to select your Pals and know the result.

Palworld breeding spreadsheet

Breeding Spreadsheet & Calculator

As the creator explains you should use the link to copy the sheet and then you are free to search and use the calculator. In the Reddit post is everything well explained about how to use the document and also has some technical information on how the breeding works in Palworld.

Direct copy link of the Spreadsheet:

[Spreadsheet] All Breeding Combinations (datamined) and Breeding Calculator. 18,797 Combinations! Exact Breeding Mechanics Explained.
byu/blahable inPalworld

How to Breed Pals in Palworld

We have already made a complete guide about how to breed Pals in Palworld that you can see by this link. But below are the key points in summary:

  • Unlock and build an Egg Incubator, Cooking Pot, and Breeding Farm;
  • Put the two Pals in the Breeding Farm;
  • Make a Cake and put it in the Breeding Farm;
  • Hatching the egg in the incubator;