Palworld – Frostallion location how to Catch

Mixing survival with Pokemon-like creatures with weapons, Palworld became a hit in no time. At the moment the game has more than 130 Pals of all sizes and shapes. One that you definitely need to add to your collection is the legendary Frostallion, it’s a boss Pal from Ice-type that can be mounted, catching him will not be an easy job. See here where to find the Frostallion in Palworld.

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Frostallion Palworld

Where to find the Frostallion in Palworld

The Frostallion can only be found in one location on the Palworld map. You need to travel to the glacier zone in the North, the Land of Absolute Zero. The Legendary Pal can be found roaming the frozen lake in the northwest zone of the glacier.

As you can imagine, you must be prepared to face the freezing cold, and bring appropriate armature like the Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor or the Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor. Frostallion won’t be caught without a good fight, so be prepared. It’s a level 50 Legendary Pal boss, being from Ice-type you want high-level Fire Pals on your team. Take a good shield, Incendiary Grenades are also a good option to use. Make sure you have a lot of Hyper Spheres and Legendary Spheres in your bag, your primary goal is to catch him however don’t worry, Pal bosses respawn again after 1 hour.