GTA Online Weekly Update – October 20

Beast vs. Slasher Adversary Mode is back to GTA Online

It’s time for a new GTA Online weekly update, continuing with the Halloween theme. This week we have the return of an old event, the Beast vs. Slasher Adversary Mode. A new one is the Cerberus Freemode event where you need to steal exotic cars, while chased by a gigantic Cerberus truck. The UFOs continue to appear across Los Santos, and take a photo of them every day to win extra rewards. And the Jack O’ Lanterns are still scattered along the map waiting for you to collect them.

This week The Car Meet Prize Ride is Viseris, worth $850.000, you need to finish the Street Race Series race in the top 3 for 3 days in a row. The Karin S95 is this week’s HSW test car, finally, try your luck on the Resort’s Lucky Wheel at Diamond Casino and maybe take home the Thrax valued at $2,325,000.

gta online weekly update

Luxury Autos cars

  • Entity XXR
  • Neon

Simeon’s Showroom cars

  • Zion Classic
  • Defiler
  • Tampa
  • Zombie Chopper
  • Everon

2x GTA$ and RP on GTA Online

If you want to maximize your cash and RP gains, this week has the following activities.

3x RP and GTA$:

  • Freemode Events

2x RP and GTA$:

  • Beast Vs Slasher Adversary Mode
  • Exotic Exports

GTA Online discounts

50% off:

  • Comet Safari ($355,000)
  • Zion Classic ($406,000)
  • Bullet ($77,500)
  • Tampa ($187,500)

40% off:

  • Garages
  • Blazer Aqua ($1,053,360)

30% off:

  • Everon ($1,032,500)
  • Locust ($1,137,500)
  • Neon ($1,050,000)

Don’t forget to collect all LD Organics in GTA Online.