GTA Online All LD Organics Products locations

Where to find all 100 LD Organics Products spread across Los Santos in GTA Online

Last month in one of the weekly updates, Rockstar added a new collectible to GTA Online. To contextualize, after the legalization of cannabis in San Andreas, Lamar took the opportunity to start his own business of this recreational drug, LD Organics. Now it looks like things didn’t go well with a shipment coming in from Liberty City and the merchandise ended up scattered throughout the Los Santos region. Altogether there are 100 bags of weed that you need to find in order to be rewarded with XP, GTA$ and an extra bonus, but we’ve covered that at the end of the article.

All 100 LD Organics locations in GTA Online

The first tip before starting your journey is to join a solo session as things can get a little chaotic around Los Santos, get a helicopter, Oppressor, or a fast supercar to move faster around the map.

What you are looking for are small white bags with the LD Organics logo, there are 100 in all, we leave a map below with all the locations. Most of them are on walls, boxes, or other surfaces mostly outdoors, to complicate things a little, some are on the terraces of buildings. When approaching, the controller will begin to vibrate, increasing as they approach, when you find it, collect it like any other collectible in the game, pressing the indicated key.

In all, there are 100 bags of weed scattered throughout Los Santos, for each one collected, you earn a reward of GTA$ 1000 and 1000 RP, collecting all of them gives an additional reward of GTA$ 50,000, so when you do the math, you end this journey with more $GTA 150 000 and 100 000 RP. Additionally collecting all the bags unlocks a unique LD Organics T-Shirt and Hat to show your support for Lamar.