GTA Online Weekly Update – September 1

This week brings the Declasse Vigero ZX car, new HSW Race Series, Podium vehicle, a lot of discounts, and extra rewards

In this weekly update of GTA Online players have a new car to add to their garage, the Declasse Vigero ZX, this powerful muscle car is inspired by the Chevrolet Camaro Gen 6 and can be found at Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $1,947,000.

If you are in the top 2 for 2 consecutive days in the Pursuit Series you will be rewarded with the Declasse Mamba. The Grotti Turismo Classic is this week’s HSW test vehicle, finally, try your luck on the Resort’s Lucky Wheel at Diamond Casino and maybe take home the Ocelot Locust valued at $1,625,000.

GTA Online Declasse Vigero ZX weekly update

Luxury Autos cars

  • Oveflod Imorgon
  • Annis S80RR

Simeon’s Showroom cars

One of the cars off this week is in our TOP 5 of fastest cars, Banshee.

  • Banshee
  • Landstalker XL
  • Vigero ZX,
  • Beater Dukes
  • Mesa

2x & 3x GTA$ and RP on GTA Online

If you want to maximize your cash and RP gains then this week has the following activities:

3x $GTA and RP

  • Hotring Circuit Races

2x $GTA and RP

  • Hunting Pack Adversary Mode
  • HSW Races (PS5/XSX)
  • Request Bunker Research

GTA Online discounts

This week brings a new wave of discounts on vehicles and Bunkers, a good opportunity to get into the weapons business.

50% off:

  • Comet Safari ($355,000)
  • Beater Dukes ($189,000)
  • Hakuchou Drag ($488,000)

40% off:

  • Bunkers, Bunker Renovations, and Bunker supplies
  • Starling ($2,194,500)
  • S80RR ($1,545,000)
  • Dune FAV ($510,000)
  • Banshee ($63,000)
  • Desert Raid ($417,000)

30% off:

  • Baller ST ($623,000)
  • HSW Upgrade Costs