Destiny 2 How to get Vexcalibur and exotic Catalyst

There is a new Hidden Exotic mission

On the second week of Destiny 2 Lightfall, Bungie has decided to hide in the game a secret quest for the players to earn a new exotic. It is a challenging quest that takes players deep into the Vex network. But in the end, the effort will be rewarded with the Vexcalibur, a powerful exotic glaive. Like the Revision Zero, this is a Shaped weapon, so is fully customizable and it has multiple catalysts. See here how to get the Vexcalibur and catalysts in Destiny 2 LightFall.

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How to start the Vexcalibur Exotic Quest in Destiny 2

To unlock the secret quest that will reward you with the Vexcalibur, head up to the Gulch in EDZ. You will notice that they are some blue vex cubes around the area. When you pick one a 30 seconds timer starts, you then need to collect another one before the time goes out. The timer reset to 30 seconds each time you pick one vex cube. So you need to collect all 6 vex cubes within the timer.

Once all are collected search for a Vex Portal in the sky, go to him and you find a cave below. Enter and make your way until the end where is a friendly Vex Harpy. Interact with him to launch the NODE.OVRD.AVALON quest.


You’ll find yourself in the Vex Network, like other Destiny 2 exotic missions you have a long way. It is a challenging mission with few checkpoints when all die will restart the entire part. Take a good fireteam with you.

The first part is like a maze, make your way through moving obstacles, tight corridors, and jumps. In the end, you jump into a hole, in a big fall into Vex milk.

First Encounter

You then spawned to another area with a rally point where the Vex are constantly spawning. In the middle of the platform is a Vex pillar where periodically three symbols will spawn, a square, triangle, and diamond. That’s a puzzle to solve, you need to shoot in the symbols in the right sequence in order to progress to the next part.

Destiny 2 Vexcalibir
The Puzzle Solution is shown as this

Look around the area and you see a sequence of symbols vertically aligned, they are the puzzle solution. You must destroy the symbols in the same order from top to bottom. Shoot one at a time, if you hit the wrong one, the puzzle resets with a new sequence. It is necessary to repeat the process three times, while they constantly spawn a lot of Vex. The ideal is one player dedicated to the puzzle while the others lead with the waves of enemies. Weapons with Void damage are recommended, the Osteo Striga is also a great choice.

Second Encounter

With all puzzles solved and enemies defeated move forward through some jumping platforms and some traps, to the second encounter. You’ll be in a large cylindrical arena, first kill the Vex to gather data fragments that they drop. Once you collect all necessary fragments interact with the Vex Conflux at the center of the room. This allows players to enter the hole and survive when the timer goes zero.

Players are then teleported back to the arena safely. Repeat the process sometimes until the Hydra boss shows up. While dealing damage to him continue repeating the process of gathering fragments to open the hole and survive when the timer reaches zero. Once you beat the Boss make your way to the next encounter through some more jumping platforms.

Final Boss

Finally, this is the final room of this Destiny 2 exotic quest to get the Vexcalibur. Veteran players should recognize the boss, which is the one from Pyramidion Strike, removed some time ago. In this final encounter, there are three phases:


Simply deal damage to the boss while surviving the waves of Vex.


Now Brakion is protected by a hall, first defeating the Hydra that spawns to make the vex pillar spawn. That is the same puzzle from the first encounter, look for the sequence of symbols vertically aligned that is the solution, and shoot at symbols in the same order from top to bottom. Once is done, the boss wall disappears for a limited time, dealing damage to him until the wall appears again. Repeat the process until the bosses disappear.


At the final stage, Brakion is now in a rage, and will relentlessly chase players. At the same time, waves of Vex are constantly spawning. Survive and keep damaging the boss until he dies. Finally, the Vexcalibur will spawn, floating, waiting for you to collect her. But to really get your hands on her you need to return to the H.E.L.M. to complete the final step and that’s it.

Destiny 2 Vexcalibur Exotic Catalyst

Like other weapons in Destiny 2, the Vexcalibur can be reshaped at any time. This exotic Glaive has not one but multiple catalysts, they are 3 in total.

  • Immovable Refit: Dealing ranged damage grants increased weapon energy while you’re stationary with your shield raised.
  • Robber Refit: Melee final blows reload this weapon’s magazine from reserves.
  • Feedback Refit: Blocking damage partially reloads this weapon from reserves.

They can be unlocked by completing again the secret mission on Legendary mode, but you only get one catalyst per week.