Fast way to farm Strand Meditation in Destiny 2 Lightfall

You will need a lot of Strand Meditation

If you are here so probably have completed the Destiny 2 Lightfall and are now looking for the new currency, Strand Meditation. You will need a lot of them in order to purchase all Aspects and Fragments of the Strand subclass.

In addition to fully unlocking this new subclass, this is also a necessary step toward an exotic quest to get the Final Warning in Destiny 2. Keep it with us to see the best way to farm Strand Meditation.

Strand Meditation Destiny 2

Fastest Strand Meditation farm in Destiny 2 Lightfall

There are multiple sources of Strand Meditation, which basically, you can obtain in any activity in Neomuna since you have Strand Subclass equipped.

  • Strand kills – 1
  • Patrols – 7
  • High-value targets – 7
  • Lost Sector – 12
  • Heroic public events – 25
  • Terminal Overload Key Chest – Up to 100

In addition, you get a 200 Strand reward when reaching rank 18 with Nimbus, so don’t forget to pick bounties from him.

The fastest way to farm Strand Meditation in Destiny 2 is by doing Terminal Overload events. At the event’s end, you’ll earn up to 100 Strand Meditations when opening both chests. Very important, don’t forget of Terminal Overload keys to be able to open the second chest.

To maximize your warnings, pick at the same time some patrols, preferentially the ones to kill enemies or gather resources from enemies. You will easily complete them within the event and thus receive extra Strand Meditation.

Finally an important note, you need to farm the new strand currency for each one of your characters, in case you have more than one.