The Division 2 Season 11 Release Date

It’s Official!!

The Division 2 has some new content dropping out next week! So here’s The Division 2 Season 11 Release Date! Btw, Destiny 2 Lightfall DLC also drops in the same day so if you’re into looter shooters February 28th will be a hell of a day! If you want to grind some Wellspring before the Lightfall launch check our guide Destiny 2 Wellspring Daily Rotation.

division 2 season 11

Official Twitter Account Confirms Release Date

After some controversy regarding the launch of The Division 2 Season 11 there are some good news because it seems that all the problems and bugs are finally fixed.

There’ll be a livestream February 27th on Twitch where we can expect the developers to explain all the process for the delayed launch of the Season 11 – Reign of Fire.

The Division 2 Season 11 Release Date

February 28th will probably have some maintenance hours and then an update for the new season, be aware that there’s no information regarding the time at which we’ll have the update ready to download so stay tune for further information.

In case you need to grind some more weapons before the new season you can always check our guide The Division 2 Best Exotics and if you want to find some new friends to co-op go to our Discord.