Project Zomboid – Where to get a Katana

Katana is the best melee weapon you can get

In Project Zomboid you will come across a lot of weapons, some better than others. Firearms are the safest option but with the lack of ammo and the noise attracting all zombies from the vicinity, the melee weapons are what you will use most of the time. And the Katana is definitely the best for the job but is extremely rare. See here where you can get a Katana in Project Zomboid.

The Katana is the best melee weapon you can get in the game however is very rare to find. It has high damage and even with low experience, you can kill zombies with just one or two hits. Its durability is also very good however it cannot be repaired. Don’t forget to check our other guides to help you survive this zombie apocalypse, like the best mods for Project Zomboid.

Project Zomboid where to find a katana

Where to find a Katana in Project Zomboid

Unfortunately, there is no specific location where a Katana is waiting for you in Project Zomboid. But there are some places where the chances of finding one are higher, it’s a question of luck.

The best places to search are in survivor houses, they are marked with a green flag on the map and can be easily identified by boarded-up windows and doors. Be careful, it’s almost certain that are zombies inside. Other good places to look are gun shops and pawn shops.

Sometimes you can see zombies walk around with a weapon stuck in them, that you can retrieve by killing them. If you have luck enough maybe one brings a Katana lodged in their stomach, be aware that in those cases the weapon only has 50% durability.