Project Zomboid How to Survive Helicopter Event

When you hear a helicopter, run!

Project Zomboid is a challenging survival game where death is always lurking. But sometimes things can get even more complicated. The helicopter event can become a nightmare for many players, especially if they are not prepared, and don’t want to be on the street when the helicopter appears. Here’s how to survive the helicopter event in Project Zomboid.

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What is the Helicopter Event in Project Zomboid?

The helicopter event happens only once in each game, and it takes place somewhere between days 6 and 9. On that day a helicopter will appear, in fact, you will never see it, only hear it, the problem is that the zombies hear it too and follow the sound. The result is a horde of zombies following the helicopter.

He will fly over the area randomly, if he sees you he will fly over you all day long. The helicopter itself doesn’t do anything to you, the problem is the horde of zombies that follows and surrounds you. So if you are unlucky enough to be spotted by him, you have to run for your life.

project zomboid helicopter event

How to survive

The essential thing is not to be caught unawares, the event is announced a few hours before in the automatic emergency broadcast station (AEBS) on the radio. When you hear «Air activity detected» it will show up that day. The helicopter flies over the area for about an hour, if it doesn’t see you it will leave but it will come back again several times throughout the day.

The main tip is to stay hidden in the forest or inside a building all day and not even think about going outside. It is important to hide any traces that reveal your presence to the pilot, so cover doors and windows.

Even without being detected, there is always the risk that the zombie horde could invade the building. It is better to stay on the first floor and have an escape route planned.

If you are spotted by the helicopter when you are outside it will follow you around all day, just like the zombies. In that case, never stop running, the ideal is to have a good car to escape, you continue to be followed but the chances of survival are much better.

Even if you hide inside a building, the helicopter will fly overhead until you leave. Never escape into your base in Project Zomboid, as you will attract the horde with you, getting surrounded.

If you make it to the end of the helicopter event in Project Zomboid alive, be careful as the zombie horde can take some time to disperse.