Outriders Best Technomancer Build 2023

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Outriders is a highly customizable game with multiple builds that can be effective depending on your playstyle and preferences. The Technomancer is a popular class that is known for its long-range support that specializes in manipulating the battlefield with turrets, traps, and healing abilities. Don’t forget to check our Outriders Guides or if you main class is Trickster you can check our Best Trickster Build 2023. Don’t forget to check our Reddit and Discord. Here is the Outriders Best Technomancer Build for 2023 that has been successful for many players:

Technomancer Build

technomancer build

The Technomancer is one of the four classes available in Outriders, a third-person shooter RPG developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix.

Skill Tree (Tech Shaman Example):

tech shaman outriders
  • First Tier: Tech Shaman (Increases the firepower and health of allies within a 5-meter radius by 15%.)
  • Second Tier: Pestilence (Blighted enemies deal 30% less damage and receive 30% more damage.)
  • Third Tier: Tech Alchemist (Increases the potency and duration of your skills by 30%.)
  • Fourth Tier: Life Stock (Killing an enemy replenishes 12% of your maximum health.)
  • Fifth Tier: Disruptive Firepower (Reduce the cooldown of your skills by 15% for every enemy hit by your skills.)


  • Blighted Turret (Deploy a turret that deals damage and inflicts the Blighted status on enemies. Blighted enemies receive more damage and deal less damage.)
  • Cryo Turret (Deploy a turret that slows down enemies and freezes them in place. Frozen enemies take more damage.)
  • Scrapnel (Launch a missile that explodes on impact and deals damage in a wide area. The explosion inflicts the Bleed status on enemies, causing them to take damage over time.)
  • Tool of Destruction (Fire a rocket that deals massive damage to a single target. The rocket also inflicts the Vulnerable status on enemies, causing them to take more damage.)


For Blighted Turret:

  • Burning Ground: Enemies standing in the area of effect take additional damage over time.
  • Poisonous Trail: Enemies leaving the area of effect suffer from the Poison status effect, which deals additional damage over time.
  • Freezing Touch: Enemies in the area of effect are slowed down and have a chance of being frozen.

For Cryo Turret:

  • Cooling System: The turret’s cooldown is reduced for each enemy affected by the skill.
  • Permafrost Bullets: The turret’s bullets freeze enemies, even if they don’t hit a weak spot.
  • Elemental Vulnerability: Enemies affected by the turret’s slow effect take increased damage from your other skills.

For Scrapnel:

  • Scrap Grenade: The missile explodes twice, dealing additional damage to enemies in the area of effect.
  • Shield Bypass: The missile deals additional damage to enemy armor.
  • Stiffening Capsules: Enemies hit by the missile have their movement speed reduced.

For Tool of Destruction:

  • Multi-Rocket: The skill fires multiple rockets that spread out, dealing damage to a wider area.
  • High Velocity Rockets: The rockets move faster and deal more damage.
  • Blood Burn: The skill inflicts the Bleed status effect on enemies, causing them to take additional damage over time.

In addition, here are some general mod suggestions for your gear:

  • Skill Duration: Increases the duration of your skills, allowing you to control the battlefield for longer.
  • Skill Life Leech: Your skills restore health to you for each enemy affected by them.
  • Skill Cooldown Reduction: Reduces the cooldown of your skills, allowing you to use them more frequently.
  • Anomaly Power: Increases the damage of your skills and weapons that deal anomaly damage.
  • Health: Increases your maximum health, allowing you to survive longer in combat.

Weapons and Armor:

  • Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle or Light Machine Gun (Choose a weapon with a high rate of fire and good accuracy.)
  • Secondary Weapon: Sniper Rifle or Marksman Rifle (Choose a weapon with high damage and long-range capabilities.)
  • Armor: Focus on gear that increases your anomaly power, skill damage, and health. Look for mods that increase your skill duration, reduce your skill cooldown, and add additional effects to your skills.


As a Technomancer, you want to stay behind cover and use your turrets to control the battlefield. Blighted Turret is your primary skill, as it deals damage and inflicts the Blighted status on enemies, which makes them more vulnerable to your attacks. Cryo Turret is useful for slowing down enemies and freezing them in place, giving you time to line up your shots. Use Scrapnel and Tool of Destruction to deal heavy damage to single targets or groups of enemies.

Make sure to take advantage of your class tree and focus on improving your support abilities. Tech Shaman and Tech Alchemist are essential for increasing the potency and duration of your skills, while Pestilence is useful for debuffing enemies and making them more vulnerable to your attacks.

Remember to stay mobile and use cover to avoid enemy fire. Keep an eye on your health and use Life Stock to replenish your health when needed. With this build, you should be able to take on any enemy in Outriders and provide valuable support to your teammates.