Outriders Best Trickster Build 2023

It’s Tricky!

Outriders is a highly customizable game with multiple builds that can be effective depending on your playstyle and preferences. The Trickster is a popular class that specializes in close-range combat and manipulating time and space. Don’t forget to check our Outriders Guides. Here is the Outriders Best Trickster Build for 2023 that has been successful for many players:

Skill Tree: Assassin


  • Temporal Blade (Primary)
  • Venator’s Knife (Secondary)
  • Slow Trap (Class)
  • Cyclone Slice (Class)


  • Twisted Rounds (Temporal Blade)
  • Hunt the Prey (Venator’s Knife)
  • Time Rift (Slow Trap)
  • Battering Ram (Cyclone Slice)

Armor Mods:

  • Surge (Increase anomaly power)
  • Death Chains (Increase skill leech)
  • Frenzy Dust (Increase weapon leech)
  • Perpetuum Mobile (Reduce cooldowns)


  • Assault Rifle or Submachine Gun with attributes like critical damage and status power.
  • Shotgun or pistol with attributes like close-range damage and anomaly power.

How to play:

  • Use Temporal Blade and Venator’s Knife for close-range combat.
  • Try Slow Trap to slow down enemies and create an opening for your attacks.
  • Use Cyclone Slice to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.
  • Use Hunt the Prey to quickly move around the battlefield and avoid danger.
  • Activate Twisted Rounds to deal massive damage to enemies with your primary weapon.
  • Utilize the armor mods to increase your anomaly power, skill leech, and weapon leech.
  • Reduce your cooldowns with Perpetuum Mobile to make sure your skills are always available.

This build focuses on dealing high damage in close-range combat while also manipulating time and space to control the battlefield. With the right weapon attributes and mods, you can deal massive amounts of damage and quickly take down enemies. We consider this to be the Outriders Best Trickster Build for 2023 but make sure to adjust the build to your playstyle and preferences, and experiment with different weapon combinations and mods to find what works best for you. For last but not least you can always visit our Discord and share your opinions.