Outriders Best Devastator Build 2023

It’s Devastating!

Outriders is a highly customizable game with multiple builds that can be effective depending on your playstyle and preferences. The Devastator is a popular class that is known for its tanking abilities and high survivability. Don’t forget to check our Outriders Guides or if you main class is Trickster you can check our Best Trickster Build 2023. Don’t forget to check our Reddit and Discord. Here is the Outriders Best Devastator Build for 2023 that has been successful for many players:

Skill Tree: Warden


  • Golem: This skill allows you to create a rock shield that absorbs incoming damage and deals damage to nearby enemies. It’s a great defensive skill that also provides some offense.
  • Tremor: This skill creates a shockwave that damages and stuns enemies in a large area. It’s a great crowd control skill that also deals decent damage.
  • Gravity Leap: This skill allows you to jump into the air and crash down on enemies, dealing damage and interrupting their actions. It’s a great mobility skill that also provides some offense.
  • Endless Mass: This skill creates a vortex that pulls enemies towards you, dealing damage and slowing them down. It’s a great skill for controlling the battlefield and setting up combos.


  • For Golem, use the “Blood Donation” mod to heal yourself for a portion of the damage absorbed by the shield.
  • For Tremor, use the “Bleed” mod to apply bleeding to enemies hit by the shockwave, dealing additional damage over time.
  • For Gravity Leap, use the “Twisted Ankle” mod to reduce enemy damage and movement speed after landing.
  • For Endless Mass, use the “Armor of the Anomaly” mod to increase your armor and resistance while the vortex is active.


  • Use a shotgun or assault rifle as your primary weapon to deal damage up close and from a distance.
  • Use a sniper rifle as your secondary weapon to pick off enemies from afar.


  • Prioritize armor pieces that increase your health, armor, and resistance.
  • Look for armor pieces with mods that increase your damage output, reduce incoming damage, or provide other bonuses.

Overall, this build focuses on using your Devastator’s defensive abilities to control the battlefield and protect yourself while dealing damage with your weapons and offensive skills. It’s a well-rounded build that should be effective in most situations.