Medium Treasure Beacon Guide Destiny 2

Destiny 2 guide to solving the riddles in Cryptic Quatrains II Quest

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder is here, the main theme is Pirates. So is not strange that Bungie put the players solving pirate riddles to find and dig buried treasures. There are three Treasures Beacons to solve, all available in the Seasonal Vendor in the HELM. Once you pick up a Treasure Beacon you get a quest called Cryptic Quatrains. Solving the riddles will lead you from one location to another and, ultimately, the buried treasure. This Destiny 2 guide will show how solutions to the riddles for Medium Treasure Beacon.

How to unlock Treasure Beacons in Destiny 2

In total are 3 Treasures Beacons to dig up, they can be found in Star Chart seasonal vendor in the HELM. But first, you need to increase your Rank by earning Savvy by playing the new Ketchcrash and Expedition activities.

Below are the ranks needed to unlock every Treasure Beacon:

  • Small Treasure Beacon – Rank 7
  • Medium Treasure Beacon – Rank 10
  • Large Treasure Beacon – Rank 16

Medium Treasure Beacon – Cryptic Quatrains II Quest

Each step is a riddle, some words will be highlighted in the sentences. These words are the real clues for the location you need to find. This will lead you from one location to another until reaching the final place where is the buried treasure.

Step 1

“The bay filled me chest, although drown I did not / I coughed and shivered me way through the mist / They dreamed I was lost, my sad scarper for naught / Yet all that I wished for was tight in me fist”

For the first step heads up to Dreaming City where you need to finish the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector, don’t forget to loot the chest. The entrance is near the landing zone in Divalian Mists.

Step 2

“I swore I was dead at the shore of the lake / Their shadows stretched long as they searched the debris / But though they did strike out at me and me take / Their words found me ears, but they didn’t find me”

Next, complete de Lake of Shadows Strike, open de EDZ map from the Director and you find the Strike on the right side of the screen.

Step 3

“Me long expedition led to no reward / Me bones cried for rest and yet I could not yield / Lest I hear the sound of a crewmate’s drawn sword / I shivered with terror at what they might wield

The 3rd step is very simple, equip a sword in Power Weapon slot and run an Expedition (available from the HELM’s Director screen). You will get the next riddle at the end of the activity.

Step 4

“The red ground of Nessus would soon be me grave / A column reached high into alien hue / Through cistern did beckon, no water it gave / At pyramid’s imprint, I sought to pass through

Medium Treasure Beacon Guide Destiny 2

This one can be a little more tricky to find. Heads up to Nessus, at the landing zone for The Cistern. From there go to the location indicated on the map, where you find a giant Well of Flame column, just enter inside and you’ll find a buried treasure spot. But is not finished yet.

Step 5

“Me crewmates were nearing, t’was just as I feared / And terrible fluid did fall from the sky / I fancied I noticed, beyond broken sphere / A place that was safe for me treasure and I”

Medium Treasure Beacon Guide Destiny 2

The final step towards finishing the Cryptic Quatrains II quest. This time you don’t need to back to orbit, the location is still The Cistern on Nessus. Go to the location on the map, which is near where the Cabal Public Event typically takes place, here look for a broken sphere, on a shore you’ll find the hidden treasure to dig up.

Congrats, your second treasure hunt is done! Now check also the guide with the best Titan arc 3.0 build in Destiny 2. And heads up, soon will be posted the article to help you with the Large Treasure Beacon.