Mantle Of Battle Harmony Prismatic Warlock build Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Destiny 2’s Light and Darkness saga wraps up after 10 years with The Final Shape expansion. In this expansion, they’re introducing the new Prismatic Subclass, which basically combines the powers of Light and Darkness from the other subclasses. Plus, there’s a bunch of cool new Exotic armor and weapons to look forward to. This opens the way to new powerful builds, like this one with the Khvostov for Warlock. But now see the new Prismatic Warlock build with Mantle Of Battle Harmony and Sunshot perfect for the most challenging The Final Shape activities.

The Prismatic subclass brings a new solar super, the Song of Flame, and it is a very powerful one. He allows you to continue using your weapons, making them radiant and enhancing your abilities. The grenade is replaced by a powerful sentient flame that seeks out targets, very effective against bosses. While active you and your allies are more resistant to damage and recharge abilities faster. With this Prismatic Warlock build you get the Song of Flame in no time, thanks to the exotic Mantle Of Battle Harmony, paired with a solar weapon like the Sunshot.

Warlock Prismatic Abilities, Aspects & Fragments


Super – Song of Flame

Class Ability – Phoenix Dive

Melee Ability – Penumbral Blast

Grenade Ability Vortex Grenade


Feed the Void – Defeat a target with any ability to activate Devour. Your Devor effects are improved, restoring additional health and grenade energy.

Bleak Watcher – Hold to convert your grenade into a Stasis turret that fires slowing projectiles at nearby targets.


Facet of Balance – Rapidly defeating targets with light damage grants melee energy. Rapidly defeating targets with darkness damage grants grenade energy.

Facet of Sacrifice – While you have an Arc, Solar, or Void buff, ability final blows grant bonus darkness Transcendence energy.

Facet of Courage – Your Arc, Void, and Solar damage deal increased damage to targets afflicted with Darkness debuffs.

Facet of Dominance – Your Void grenades weaken targets, and your Arc grenades jolt targets.

Facet of Protection – While surrounded by combatants, you are more resistant to incoming damage. While transcendent, the effect is increased.

Recommended Gear: Mantle Of Battle Harmony

For this Prismatic Warlock build you want to get the Super quickly, for that the Mantle Of Battle Harmony is essential. This exotic chest armor grants a bonus of Super energy for each kill with a weapon matching your equipped Super damage type, Solar in this build. When the Super is full, you gain instead a bonus weapon damage of that type by 11 seconds.

Mantle Of Battle Harmony Prismatic Warlock build

For this Warlock build in Destiny 2 you need a solar weapon, pick the one you like more. A great choice is the Sunshot, the targets killed create an explosion that applies Scorch nearby. The new legendary assault rifle from The Final Shape, No Hesitation, is also a good option.

Recommended Mods for Prismatic Warlock Build

You should prioritize Resilience, Recovery, and Discipline.


  • Ashes to Assets
  • Harmonic Siphon


  • Firepower
  • Bolstering Detonation
  • Impact Induction


  • (Any Resistance Mod)


  • Solar Weapon Surge
  • Recuperation

Class Item

  • Powerful Attraction
  • Time Dilation
  • Outreach