Khvostov Prismatic Warlock build Destiny 2 The Final Shape

After 10 years of Destiny 2 the Light and Darkness saga comes to an end with The Final Shape. The expansion brings the new Prismatic Subclass that combines the powers of Light and Darkness from the other subclasses. And off course there is a fresh batch of new Exotic armor and weapons. Check here a powerful Prismatic Warlock build with the new Khvostov 7G-0X.

The main weapon for this Prismatic Warlock build is the new Khvostov 7G-0X exotic assault rifle, paired with the right mods you get almost 50% bonus damage for several seconds by picking up orbs of light. To make things easier, with this weapon you can instead shoot the orbs to collect them. At the same time, this bonus damage recharges your Super and Transcendence much faster.

The cool thing about the new Prismatic subclass is that by mixing different subclasses you can apply Buffs and Debuffs from them all. With this build you apply Freeze Shatter, Ignitions, Suspended, Radiant, Slow, Suppression, Jolt, and Unravel, so you can stop Unstoppable and Barrier Champions even without using the respective weapons with the Artifact mods.

Warlock Prismatic Abilities, Aspects & Fragments


Super – Song of Flame

Class Ability – Phoenix Dive

Melee Ability – Arcane Needle

Grenade Ability Storm Grenade


Feed the Void – Defeat a target with any ability to activate Devour. Your Devor effects are improved, restoring additional health and grenade energy.

Hellion – Activate your class ability to summon a solar mortar that lobs flaming projectiles at distant targets. Targets damaged by the mortar are scorched.


Facet of Dominance – Your Void grenades weaken targets, and your Arc grenades jolt targets.

Facet of Grace – Defeating targets with kinetic weapons grants you bonus Transcendence energy. Defeating targets with your Super grants you and nearby allies bonus Transcendence energy.

Facet of Command – Freezing or suppressing a target reloads your equipped weapons and increases weapon stability, aim assist, and airborne effectiveness. Defeating frozen or suppressed targets creates a Stasis Shard or Void Breach.

Facet of Protection – While surrounded by combatants, you are more resistant to incoming damage. While transcendent, the effect is increased.

Facet of Dawn – Powered melee hits against targets make you radiant. Powered melee final blows make you and your nearby allies radiant.

Recommended Gear: Khvostov 7G-0X

For this Warlock Prismatic build we take advantage of the new exotic Khvostov 7G-0X. This exotic assault rifle has some interesting perks, every seventh bullet deals additional damage and ricochets to nearby targets. On top of that when you collect an orb of power it strengthens the next several ricochet shots, allowing them to bounce between multiple targets. To make things easier, with this exotic assault rifle, you can simply shoot the orbs of power to collect them. Now, pairing this weapon with the mods Kinetic Surge, Time Dilation, and Radiant Orbs from the Artifact you can get almost 50% temporary damage bonus by 15 seconds by picking orbs of power. The more damage you deal the more quickly you get Super and Transcendence back.

Khvostov Prismatic Warlock build

You can improve this Destiny 2 Warlock build with some exotic armor like the Chromatic Fire to create an explosion with precision final blows from the Khvostov that apply, in this case, Scorches to other targets, or the Eye of Another World to increase the abilities regeneration. Another great choice is the Mataiodoxía, a new Exotic Chest Armor from The Final Shape. This one suspends multiple enemies when damaging a target with the Arcane Needle Strand and defeating suspended targets grants melee energy.

Recommended Mods for Prismatic Warlock Build

You should prioritize Resilience, Recovery, and Discipline.


  • Ashes to Assets
  • Kinect Siphon


  • Firepower
  • Bolstering Detonation
  • Impact Induction


  • (Any Resistance Mod)


  • Kinect Weapon Surge
  • Recuperation

Class Item

  • Powerful Attraction
  • Reaper
  • Bomber


  • Radiant Orbs
  • Elemental Siphon
  • Galvanic Armor
  • Shieldcrush
  • Void Hegemony
  • Transference