How to get Kenworth 963 in SnowRunner

Find this Offroad truck in British Columbia

SnowRunner: Season 10, Fix & Connect, has arrived, bringing with it the opportunity to explore two new maps in the Canadian region of British Columbia. In addition, new trucks have been added, including the Heavy truck Kenworth 963. We’re here to provide instructions on how you can obtain this exciting new vehicle.

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Kenworth 963

Location of Kenworth 963 in SnowRunner

The Kenworth 963 is available in British Columbia (Season 10 of SnowRunner). Unlock it’s very straightforward, the truck is located on the first map, Ducan Bay. You need to transport a scout fuel trailer to this location and repair it, then the Kenworth is yours.

Duncan Bay

Duncan Bay map

Quid pro Quo

  • Deliver to the House Yard
    • Scout Fuel Carrier
  • Fix the Truck
    • Kenworth 963

You will need a Scout with repair points, the best for the job are the International Loadstar 1700 or the Ford F 750, don’t forget the Ford can’t attach trailers, but you can tow it with the winch. You can take a truck but you have to go through narrow places, a scout is more practical.

Red Line

From the garage, take the dirt road to the north, the objective is to reach the Factory at the top left corner of the map. There you activate the task Quid pro Quo and pick up the scout fuel trailer.

Blue Line

Make your way to the Kenworth 963 location, there leave the trailer at the marker behind the house. Repair the truck and refuel it with the trailer. That’s it, the new truck is now yours.