How to get FEMM 37-AT in SnowRunner

Possibly the new best Truck

SnowRunner has been updated with a new Season 12: Public Energy, bringing a new map of North Carolina and two vehicles. Here we talking about the FEMM 37-AT, a heavy truck that seems like be the new king of the game. Check here how to get the FEMM 37-AT in SnowRunner.

Among other configurations, it has a 4-slot bed, the same as the Western Star 6900 TwinSteer. Or 3 slots and 1 crane, however, trailers can be attached. At the moment this is the truck with the most powerful engine in SnowRunner. This is an articulated truck like the Antarctic, which may be a negative for many players, but it also has huge tires that make it through snow and deep mud better than most.

snowrunner FEMM 37-AT

How to unlock the FEMM 37-AT in SnowRunner

You get the FEMM 37-AT as a reward by completing one contract only, the Abandoned Giant under the Pineline Bay Administration tab. You will simply have to rescue and deliver the truck, to do so you will have to cross the three regions of Pineline Bay, Reactive Zone, and Oviro Hills.

The FEMM 37-AT is a big, heavy truck so it takes something powerful to tow it. Take some extra fuel with you to be able to start the engine, as it will have an empty tank.

Northeast of Pineline Bay

Starting from your Garage (1) in Pineline Bay, follow the road East to the Gateway to Reactive Zone (2).

Reactive Zone

In Reactive Zone continue your route east, crossing the river, the sawmill, and a small village, then head south to Oviro Wills (5). You will pass near the Garage (4), take the opportunity to unlock it.

FEMM 37-AT location
Northeast of Oviro Hills

You will find the truck near the Gateway, now just tow it back to the Reactive Zone. From there take to the West until NPP Parking Lot (7) the truck needs to be delivered. And that’s it, the FEMM 37-AT is now added to your garage.

South of Reactive Zone