Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herodiana Puzzles Guide

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The vast magical world of Hogwarts Legacy is full of secrets and puzzles for players to solve. One of the tricky ones is the Hall of Herodiana Puzzles Quest, where you need to create a path with blocks to cross three rooms. In this guide, we will help complete this other Hogwarts puzzle.

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Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herodiana Puzzles

How to start Hall of Herodiana Puzzles quest

First of all, you need to prograde through the main quest until reach Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 and learn the Depulso and Accio spells.

Go to the Charms Classroom inside Hogwarts Castle, there speak with Sophronia Franklin, she is standing in front of the portraits in the sitting area. Your map will be updated with the next location, it is on the ground floor of the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower, located to the south of the exit leading to the Transfiguration Courtyard. But of course that it is a secret entrance, use Depulso on the wall to open the way.

How to solve Hall of Herodiana Puzzles

In this quest, you need to pass through three rooms solving a puzzle in each one, which became harder as you advanced. The objective is to align the blocks with Depulso to push and Accio to pull in a way that creates a path so you can access the next door and open a chest.

Puzzle 1

The simplest one, just push the blocks against the wall and climb over them to the door.

Puzzle 2

Push the block in the air against the wall ahead, move the two blocks on the ground from right to left and then push them against the wall as well. Now with the three blocks lined up pull them to the right side of the room. You can now climb up to the door and proceed to the next room.

Puzzle 3

Here there are only two blocks together in the center of the room, move them to the right and then push them forward. Go to the left side of the room and climb onto the non-movable blocks to the edge, to be able to cross, pull the blocks to the left side of the room, so they are in front of you and create a path where you can jump. Move forward to the non-movable block and activate the switch to reset the block’s position. Finally pull the blocks against the wall where you are heading and then move them to the left side of the room in order to be able to climb up and then climb to the last door.

If you still struggling with these puzzles check this youtube video from Gamerpillar channel.

After looting the last chest, head back to Sophronia Franklin to show her the outfit and finish the quest. You have the opportunity to ask her for gold to show the outfit, take advantage of it.