How to Solve Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Doors

How to Unlock the Puzzle Doors in Hogwarts

When walking through the halls of the most famous school of witchcraft, Hogwarts, sooner or later you will come across some strange doors. They have strange symbols of magical creatures on the doorframe and triangles with numbers and symbols appear there when interacted with. It’s normal to get confused the first time, but the secret to opening these doors isn’t very complicated. Check here how to solve the Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors in order to unlock them and get rare loot.

How to decipher the numbers in Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors

The first thing you need to unlock these doors is the meaning of the magical beast symbols that you can find in the doorframe.

Fortunately, there is a list with the answer, you can find it in the Library Annex area of Hogwarts. It’s in front of a puzzle door, you find a sign and a chest next to it, loot it to get the sheet.

hogwarts legacy puzzle doors

Below we leave the list of the magical beasts with their corresponding numbers:

  • 0 – Furry creature with eyebrows
  • 1 – Unicorn
  • 2 – Tentacle Goat
  • 3 – Three-headed snake
  • 4 – Weird owl
  • 5 – Spider with a face
  • 6 – Lizard
  • 7 – One-eyed squid
  • 8 – Spider
  • 9 – Hydra

In fact, you are not obliged to collect the sheet or memorize this list to solve the puzzles. The symbols in the doorframe of each number door, are in the same order as the sheet so, you just need to count them from left to right, begging at zero.

Now it’s math time, when interacting with the door two triangles appear. With a number at the center and in the three corners, we have a number, symbol, and an “?”. Can be confusing for the first time but the solution it´s straightforward.

The number in the center is the result of the sum of the number on the edges. First, you get the number corresponding to the symbol of the magical beast and sum it with the number, then subtract the number inside the triangle by the sum from the two numbers from the step before. The resulting number is the solution for the “?”, now find the correspondent magical creature for that.

Practical example:

To make things simple let’s see a practical example of how to unlock a Hogwarts Legacy puzzle door.

hogwarts legacy puzzle doors

First Triangle:

1 + Spider (8) = 9

13 – 9 = 4

4 corresponding to Weird owl.

Second Triangle:

13 + Three-headed snake (3) = 16

21 – 16 = 5

5 corresponding to Spider.

Finally, find two other triangles nearby the puzzle door labeled with “?” and “??”. They can be a little tricky to find sometimes, in that case, use Revelio to highlight them.

Select the right magical creature symbol in each triangle to unlock the door, “?” is the first triangle, and “??” is the second.

Congratulations now you can get some rare loot inside the room. Now just repeat the process to open all Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors.