Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure Guide

How to find this treasure chest in Hogwarts Legacy

On your journey through the open world of Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll encounter many side quests to solve puzzles and unlock secrets. One of these is the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest, like the Cache in the Castle quest, sends players on a treasure hunt. In this guide, we show a walkthrough of the Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure.

How to start Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest

This is an activity that only becomes available later in the game. You need to be at least level 24 and have learned the spell to unlock level 3 locks, Alohomora Level 3, unlocked from collecting 22 Demiguise Statues.

Hogwarts Legacy map

The point named Cursed Tomb Treasure will show on the south side of the map. Heads up to the location, enter the old building, and descend to the underground. Here is the locked door where you need to use Alohomora to pass.

Now go through the rooms, there’s only one way for you, so you won’t get lost, but you’ll encounter some powerful enemies so get ready to fight. In the last room you find a locked chest, again use Alohomora to open it, inside is the map with the clues for the next part of this Hogwarts Legacy quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure

Where is the location on the map

Like the other treasure maps in Hogwarts Legacy like the Ghost of our Love, the map only gives visual clues about the location. The place is marked below on the map, it’s named Tomb of Treachery, it’s to the south.

Hogwarts Legacy map

Enter the tomb and follow your way until you reach a room with an open stone coffin. Turn left where a spider web is blocking the way, and cast Incendio to burn her. You will now reach a room with a golden door, and also some annoying giant spiders, defeat them first.

In the door, you can see a place for three butterflies, that’s the way to unlock her. When in front of the door, turn to your right to another small room, where you find two flying glowing butterflies, one of them behind a spider web. Get close and cast Lumos to lure them to the door. The third butterfly is in the room on the left, this time uses Levioso on the box to move it to the wall in front in order to get up a ledge and collect the last butterfly.

Cursed Tomb Treasure door

Now with this puzzle solved and the door open pass it to the last room. Where are some Inferius that you need to kill first, with that problem solved look now at the puzzle on the ground. In order to solve it, you have to use Flippendo on the top middle tile, and the bottom corner tiles, as shown below. Then the treasure chest will appear, open it to finish the Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure.

Cursed Tomb Treasure puzzle