Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle Map Location

Where to find this treasure in Hogwarts

The most famous school of Witchcraft and Wizardry can now be explored in Hogwarts Legacy, and players have a lot of secrets to find. One of the first side quests that will send you on a treasure hunt is the Cache in the Castle, which is very similar to the quest Ghost of Our Love, here you also have to use a map with some clues to find a location. Continue with us to see the map location in Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle quest.

How to start Cache in the Castle quest in Hogwarts Legacy

This side quest is available in the early hours of the game when you back to Hogwarts Castle, after the first visit to Hogsmeade. It is handed out by Arthur Plummly, a Hufflepuff student who can be found hanging around in the Defense Against the Dark Arts tower, speak with him to get the map.


Here is the location on the map

The map gives some visual clues, a rhino skeleton, a dragon fountain, and a picture frame, finding these three places in this order leads you to the treasure chest.

Rhino Skeleton

After talking to Arthur Plummer, go down 3 floors on the stairs next to you until you reach a large hall. On your left there is a large staircase at the center of the room, go down it and you will be straight to the rhino statue.

Rhino Skeleton

Dragon Fountain

When you reach the rhinoceros statue, turn right and go down another set of stairs, when reaching the end will be a double door in front of you. They lead you to the Transfiguration Courtyard area of the Astronomy Wing, where you find the second clue from the map.

Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle

Picture Frame

Now walk through a pair of double doors northwest of the fountain, go forward, and up the stairs on the right, which will lead you straight to the painting from Arthur’s map.

Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle

Cast Accio on the handle at the top of the painting frame, and a door will open inside the painting, allowing you to loot the chest. Now to complete the quest just return to Defense Against the Dark Arts tower and report in with Arthur.