Hogwarts Legacy A Bird in the Hand door puzzle

How to solve the door puzzle in this Hogwarts Legacy quest

Players have a lot to explore in Hogwarts Legacy, this open world is full of secrets and puzzles to solve, some more complicated than others. This is the case of A Bird in the Hand quest where the solution to pass the door can not be much intuitive. Don’t worry, we show you the solution for A Bird In The Hand door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to solve A Bird In The Hand door puzzle? 

A Bird In The Hand is a quest with Poppy Sweeting and centaur Dorran, and is only available in the late-game, and can be found in the south of Brocburrow. We only talk about the puzzles themselves to avoid spoilers.

A Bird In The Hand door puzzle Hogwarts Legacy

You will come across a rounded door with some symbols in the doorframe, two of them are glowing. In front of it, you have a puzzle with the exact same symbols on the ground.

When you place the Scholars’ Moonstone on the central pedestal the two pillars cast light to the center pedestal, creating a shadow that lights up the symbol she hits. The solution is pretty simple, move the light pillar with Accio to the opposite position of the symbol you want to light up. Once you do that for the two symbols the door opens.

Some more puzzles inside

The more trick puzzle from this Hogwarts Legacy quest is done, now we leave some extra tips for the rest of the quest.

There is a room where you have a wooden box on the second-floor balcony. Bring the box down with Windardium Levioso and then make it float with Leviosa, now you can climb through it to the second floor and grab a chest.

Continuing your progress you stop at another puzzle, very similar to the one in the Solved by the Bell quest. You have two pedestals on the ground where you need to put two cubes. One is on your left side, and the other one is on the right side, for that again grab the floating wooden box from the left to the right side of the room, and climb through it to find and move the second cube.

With tube cubes in place cast Glacius in the one with the ice symbol on it and Incendio in the other with a flame symbol, and doors will open.