GTA Online Cerberus Event locations

Where to find all Export Vehicles

gta online cerberus event halloween

On the last GTA Online weekly update, Rockstar introduced the Cerberus freemode event. Like the Jack O’ Lanterns and UFO, this event is part of Halloween celebrations in Los Santos. This one is inspired by Steven Spielberg’s movie, Duel from 1971. The players will be chased by a tanker truck, Apocalypse Cerberus, while trying to deliver an Exotic Export car to Los Santos Docks.

GTA Online Cerberus Event: 12 exotic cars locations

There are 12 potential locations where exotic cars can spawn. You can check all on the map made by GTAWeb. Your mission is to steal a car from one of the locations and deliver it to the docks. Looks simple but is not, you will be chased all the way by the Cerberus truck, only stops when you delivery the car or die trying.

GTA Online Cerberus event locations

There are some requirements in order to spawn the Cerberus event, they are:

  • Be in a public or private lobby with at least one other player;
  • Need to be on in the lobby for 16 minutes;
  • Must be in free roam, not inside buildings.
  • Can be on foot or driving a normal vehicle, not a Helicopter, Plane, Jet, Oppressor Mk2, Oppressor Mk1, Deluxo, Special Vehicle, or an Amphibious Car.

The truck is parked near the car, waiting for you to steal the car. While is parked it is invulnerable, only when the chase begin it will take damage. You can destroy him but will not be easy.

If you some way manage to lose the Cerberus, will he spawn behind you at full speed again, ramming your vehicle, so that is not an option. However if you can run from him for 5 minutes he eventually it will break down, allow you to complete the delivery with ease.