Fastest ground mounts in Palworld

Palworld has a large map to explore, naturally if you always go on foot it will take a lot of time and you will need a mount. Fortunately, there are several Pals that you can ride. It turns out that they have different speeds, naturally, you want to move fast so here you can see the fastest ground mounts in Palworld and where to find them.

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The best ground mounts in Palworld

Palworld mounts


  • Element: Neutral
  • Saddle unlock: Lv 12
  • Partner Skill: Guardian of the Forest – Can perform a double jump while mounted. Increases efficiency of cutting trees.

The Eikthyrdeer will probably be your first mount in the game, it is easily found in the beginning area, and it’s also great to help you gather wood.

Palworld mounts


  • Element: Neutral
  • Saddle unlock: Lv 9
  • Partner Skill: Direhowl Rider – Moves slightly faster than most mounts.

Another great mount for beginners, the Direhowl is easy to capture in the earlier game and can be as fast as other powerful and rare pals.

Palworld Necromus 


  • Element: Dark
  • Saddle unlock: Lv 49
  • Partner Skill: Dark Knight of the Abyss – Can double jump while mounted.

This legendary Pal can be found at the northeast corner of the Desecrated Desert, in the coordinates (446, 680). Use Dragon Type Pals against Necromus and try at night to avoid fighting against the Paladius, another legendary Pal. If you engage one during the day then you need to fight both.

Palworld Fenglope 


  • Element: Neutral
  • Saddle unlock: Lv 26
  • Partner Skill: Wind and Clouds – Can double jump while mounted.

Fenglope can be found in the volcanic area and at the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. To increase your chances of capturing it use Dark Pals, it’s accessible in the mid-game. In addition to being fast, it can jump from great heights, ideal for getting over obstacles.

And that’s it, now you know who the fastest ground mounts in Palworld, allowing you to move fast on this big map.