Destiny 2 – Rose God Roll and How to Get

Hand Cannon Rose is great for the new Competitive Crucible

One of the new additions to Destiny 2′ Season of Seraph is the legendary hand cannon, Rose. It may be new to new players, but to older Destiny 2 Guardians it’s a return. Rose was first introduced in 2019 in Season of Opulence as part of Lumina’s exotic quest. Since that quest’s remotion, she isn’t obtainable anymore, until now.

With Season of Seraph, Bungie has introduced some changes to the Crucible, added a new competitive, skill-based matchmaking playlist called Competitive. And the Rose is perfect for the job, it has some cool perks like Quickdraw and Explosive Payload, as well as better handling and speed thanks to its Lightweight Frame.

destiny 2 rose god roll

How to get Hand Cannon Rose in Destiny 2

Fortunately, getting your hands on Rose is nothing too complicated. Heads up to Shaxx in the Tower, we give you the quest Dividing the Ladder where you need to play 7 matches in the new Competitive Crucible. After that return and was a reward the legendary hand cannon Rose is yours.

After that, you have more opportunities to earn the Rose with different rolls every week on a Weekly Challenge involving the Competitive Division playlist. Unfortunately, unlike other Seraph weapons like the Fire and Forget linear fusion rifle, the Rose can’t be crafted.

Destiny 2 Rose God Roll

With the combination of the right perks, Rose is a great choice for Destiny 2 PvP, the Lightweight Frame gives him more handling and better speed. Below is a combination that greatly improves range, and also slightly the handling and stability.

  • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds
  • Perk 1: Rapid Hit or Moving Target
  • Perk 2: Rangefinder or Opening Shot
  • Grip: Smooth Grip
  • Masterwork: Range