Destiny 2 Best Hunter Arc 3.0 Build

Take advantage of Arc 3.0 to create a powerful build for your Hunter in Destiny 2 PvE and PvE

After Void and Solar now it’s time for to Arc shine in Destiny 2. The introduction of Arc 3.0 in Season of the Plunder, opens a new set of possibilities. This Destiny 2 guide will show the best Hunter Arc 3.0 build. With the synergy created you will have almost infinite grenades and be unstoppable in Nightfalls, Raids, Dungeons, etc.

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Destiny 2 Best Hunter Arc 3.0 Build

What is Arc 3.0 in Destiny 2

With the arrival of Arc 3.0 to Destiny 2 in Season of Plunder, a set of new keywords was added:

  • Amplified – The movement speed and weapon handling greatly increase, slide further.
  • Blind – Enemies in PvE cannot fire and are disoriented for a few seconds. In PvP, Guardians lose their HUD and get distorted vision.
  • Jolt – Jolted targets release chain lightning to nearby targets when taken damage.
  • Ionic Trace – Arc energy generated with arc kills that travel along the ground seeking you, grant ability energy.

Hunter Arc 3.0 Abilities, Aspects & Fragments

The main focus of this Hunter build is grenades, you will practically throw grenades one after the other. With the synergy of this build, you will constantly get arc abilities and jolted final blows that create Ionic Traces and wells that recharge the abilities much faster.


SuperGathering Storm is a great super for clear ads and also deals good damage over time to bosses.

Class Ability – With Gambler Dodge, you get your melee back when dodging near enemies. Is great to avoid enemy attacks.

Melee Ability Combination Blow, when you defeat targets with melee, its damage increases (stack up 3 times), fully refill your dodge and heals you a small amount.

Grenade Ability – The central part of this Hunter Arc 3.0 build is the Skip Grenades. Those split up into multiple projectiles that seek targets.


Flow State – Defeating a jolted target makes you amplified. While you are amplified, your dodge recharges faster, you are more resilient while dodging, and your reload speed is greatly increased.

Lethal Current – After dodging, your melee range increases, jolts the target and creates a damaging aftershock. When you hit jolted targets with melee they become blind.


spark of shock hunter arc 3.0 build

Spark of Shock

Your Arc grenades jolt targets

spark of ions hunter arc 3.0 build

Spark of Ions

Defeating a jolted target creates an Ionic Trace.

spark of focus hunter arc 3.0 build

Spark of Focus

After sprinting for a short time, your class ability regeneration is increased.

spark of amplitude hunter arc 3.0 build

Spark of Amplitude

Rapidly defeating targets while you are amplified creates an Orb of Power.

Recommended Exotics

Shinobu's Vow Destiny 2 Hunter arc 3.0 build

For this Hunter Arc 3.0 build to work properly there is one exotic that is essential. Is the Shinobu’s Vow. Is already been in Destiny 2 for some years but is absolutely perfect for this build. This exotic perk gives you an additional Skip Grenade and dealing damage with them restores grenade energy. That is not all, also improves the Skip Grenade with an additional projectile and they track enemies more aggressively.

For weapons is with your consideration, you will deal more damage with grenades and other abilities.

Below we leave some more great suggestions:

  • Delicate Tomb
  • Insidious Pulse Rifle
  • Duality
  • Thunderlord
  • Tarnished Mettle Scout Rifle
  • Forbearance Grenade Launcher
  • The Hothead Rocket Launcher
  • Stormchaser Linear Fusion Rifle

Recommended Mods for Hunter build

Resilience is your main focus for survivability. In the second you can opt for Discipline but you already have an excellent spawn rate of grenades so you can choose any other one you prefer.

elemental ordnance Destiny 2

Elemental Ordnance (3 Energy)

Defeating a combatant with a grenade spawns an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type.

ashes of assets Destiny 2

Ashes to Assets (3 Solar Energy)

Give bonus Super energy on grenade kills.

elemental charge Destiny 2

Elemental Charge (2 Energy)

Become Charged with Light by picking up an elemental well. If the elemental well’s element type matches your subclass element, you gain 2 stacks of Charged with Light.

innervation Destiny 2

Innervation (1 Solar Energy)

Reduces grenade cooldown each time you pick up an Orb of Power.

harmonic siphon Destiny 2

Bomber (2 Solar Energy)

Reduces grenade cooldown when using your class ability.

firepower Destiny 2

Firepower (4 Solar Energy)

While Charged with Light, regain a portion of your grenade energy when you use your grenade, consuming one stack of Charged with Light.

bolstering detonation Destiny 2

Bolstering Detonation (1 Void Energy)

Grants class ability energy when you cause damage with a grenade.