How to Get Thunderlord Catalyst in Destiny 2

With this perk the Thunderlord partially reloads itself from reserves when it causes a lightning strike

With the Season of Plunder for Destiny 2 one of the additions was the Thunderlord Catalyst. The ability of this exotic LMG is to generate lightning that electrocutes enemies. The great advantage of this perk is that whenever lightning is generated it automatically reloads a small portion of the ammo from reserves, similar to what Osteo Striga exotic catalyst do.

Both eliminating targets and simply dealing damage with it continuously will generate electric shocks, so with this perk the magazine will last much longer as it will be constantly being recharged. The Thunderlord could be one of the weapons of choice for players who focus on builds based on Arc 3.0. For good builds check also the Wellspring weapons god rolls.

destiny 2 thunderlord catalyst

But how to get Thunderlord catalyst?

There is good news and bad news, the good thing is that it is not necessary to do an endless quest, the bad news is that it is all a matter of luck. This catalyst is only gained in a completely random way as a reward for completing matches in Crucible and Gambit or for those who prefer PvE, in Strikes.

There’s really no trick or secret, it’s just a matter of playing your favorite game modes until you’re lucky enough to come out. Fortunately, it seems the exotic catalysts from new seasons seem to come out quite generously with players reporting having won after a few games.

After being lucky enough to win it, as usual, you have to fulfill an objective before using it. In this case, you will have to eliminate 500 opponents with the Thunderlord, which is still a considerable number, especially considering that it is a heavy weapon. Look for activities and missions with a large number of enemies to speed up the process, like the Altars of Sorrow Public Event on the Moon or Grasp of Avarice dungeon entrance.

Finally done, equip the catalyst and enjoy Thunderlord. It is important to clarify that although it is the content of the current Season of Destiny 2 even after it ends, they will continue with it.