WoW Tips & Tricks

You started World of Warcraft, but you don’t know what to do or you want to learn more about the game, so in this article we are going to give you some tips and tricks that can be helpful for you!

1 – Buff Before Battle

The first tip is very simple. You just need to use a buff before you go battle against an enemy or a dungeon boss because it can give you a big advantage against them.

2 – Click Target

This next tip is using click target instead of TAB target. A lot of people know that using TAB to target is good because it’s fast to cycle between nearby enemies and it’s very simple to do, but its problem is the fact that you can target to an enemy that you don’t want to target to.

So that’s why you should use click target to choose the target you want and not target to the wrong enemy.

3 – Item Levels Count

People know that the bigger the rarity an item has, the better it is, but if a low rarity item’s level is bigger than the high rarity item, it has better stats than it.

So the best option is to equip items that has the same or higher level than your gear.

4 – Use Guilds To Your Advantage

This tip is one of the important things you must do to help you a lot in your adventure, and that is joining a guild.

Guilds help you to have some people to join your group and fight bosses or do dungeons together with a big advantage because they can be a tank to take all the damage or a support to heal and buff the teammates.

5 – Don’t Enchant Items That You’ll Replace Soon

The last tip is another important tip that can help you to not make an accident. Don’t enchant items that you’ll replace soon, even if you’re high level.

Some players that enchant item that they’ll replace spend a lot of cash in enchanting, making them in the end have low or no cash. Others enchant blue or lower items and players to it just to get stronger gear to do bosses easier, but when they have no cash, they can’t enchant even better items anymore.

So don’t enchant items until you get a high level gear that you will not replace.

So these were the tips and trick that can help you in WoW! We hope you liked it and check out other articles!