V Rising Guide: How To Get a Horse

There are many ways of transportation in V Rising. You can transform into a wolf, use teleports around the map or use a horse. In this article, we are going to show you how to get a horse so that you can explore around the map faster and also some tips to help you know how to use it!

Where To Find Horses

You can find horses in Dunley Farmlands. When you find one horse in the Farmlands, just interact with it to be able to mount. If you lose your horse, you need to go to Dunley Farmlands again to find another.

Horse Stats

Horses have 3 different stats, that are max speed, acceleration and rotation speed. Max speed is how fast your horse can be, so attention to this stat to see if it is fast or slow. Then, acceleration is the speed that the horse reaches until his max speed, another stat to pay attention so that you can see if your horse can get to fast speed faster. Last but not least it’s the rotation speed, the speed your horse can change directions.

How To Use a Horse

Using a horse is very simple to use, horses walk slow as default, but if you want to go faster, just use the Gallop skill. To attack while mounting, you can use basic attacks while mounting a horse, but you can’t use your skills, so if you want to attack someone while mounting a horse, then use your skills, just desmount when you want using Q.

How To Make Your Horse Stay Alive

If you want your horse to stay alive, give them water through a full water canteen to make your horse stay hydrated while you’re off. The water canteen stays full around 7,5 hours. Water canteens can be crafted in your inventory with leather and plant fibers.

So this is how you get a horse in V Rising! Hope this guide was helpful and if you want other tips, click here to go to the previous V Rising guide and also check out other articles!