V Rising – Tips & Tricks

In this article, we are going to give you some tips and tricks that can help you when you start a new game in V Rising, the new open-world survival RPG that is currently in Early Access!

1 – Choose the server of your choice

In V Rising, there are two types of servers, PvE and PvP, that you need to choose one of them when you start the game.

There is a difference between both of those types of servers: in PvE you can’t attack players or steal their havings and in PvP you can attack them and invade their castles in some ocasions.

In PvP there are 3 types of Pvp, Being the normal PvP, the Full Loot PvP where all your items can be stealed when you’re killed and Duo PvP where is similar to PvP but with teams of two players.

2 – Learn the warning signs of sunlight

The most common cause of death in this game is the sunlight. The sunlight is absolutely deadly for vampires, so you need to stay in the shadows until the night comes.

When you are in the sunlight, you have a short time before you take some massive damage from it, but you can avoid that by learning the warning signs.
These signs are: a ray of light shining towards your character, the screen brightness will grow, an orange fiery spark will start to emanate from your character and a sound effect will be played.

3 – Spend time finding a good place to build your castle

Building a castle is one of the key components, giving players the chance to have their possessions and necessities. Unlike other games where you can place a base where you want, in V Rising you first have to place down a Castle Hearts to claim the surrounding area.

You only have 1 or 2 Castle Hearts given any time, so its important to spend some time exploring the starting region and find the ideal place to begin the construction of your castle.

4 – Use different blood types to your advantage

Sticking to one single blood type all the time, it can give a bit of disadvantage, so the best way to avoid that is to feed other blood types. Feeding other types of blood is a good advantage because they can be useful in some situations and when feeding, they give any buff depending on which enemy you are feeding

5 – Experiment different forms of travelling

There are a lot of modes of transportation available in V Rising. The fastest one is via Vampire Waygates, which you can use them to teleport instantly across the map, but very limited.

You can use a horse too if you want to ride for covering great distances quickly or even transform into a wolf, increasing your movement speed until you take damage or changing forms. Each one of the ways of transportation have their pros and cons, so experiment each one of them to see what you like the most.

These are the tips and tricks to help you in your adventure in V Rising! We hope this article helped you with some of these tips and check out other articles!