TOEM – Where to find all Monsters (Monster Spotted)

Location of all Monsters

Are you stuck in the Monster Spotted quest at TOEM? Unlike the majority of quests, this one requires you to visit the other regions of the game. Here you can see where to find all monsters in TOEM.

Inside the Hotel at Oaklaville, you will find a kid who gives you the job of finding and taking a photo of four monsters. The first one is in the region however if you are struggling to find the other ones, that’s because you need to explore the other regions of the game and come back later in the game with the photos. Don’t forget to check our other guides like the solution for the Art Exhibition quest in TOEM.

Where to find all Monsters in Toem

There is a monster in each region, keep in mind that they are shy and only appear when they are out of your field of vision, you have to be creative to photograph them.


When you arrive at a playground area with a photo stand-in of a flower, interact with that, and by the hole in the board, you can now see the monster in the forest. Take a selfie on this board to complete another mission, Become a Flower.


On the beach with the Shy Hippo, behind her you might notice some spirals coming out of the sea, that’s the monster. Put the tripod in place and move to the lower area of the beach, you will hear the monster emerging to the surface, now just take the photo.


In the Logcity metropolis, when you arrive at a place with skateboarders, notice a sewer manhole in the lower area, that’s where the monster is. Put the tripod in position and hide so it reveals itself.


In the mountainous area of Kiiruberg, you will first have to get warm clothes to access the place. You’ll know you’re on the right path when you have to break blocks of ice with your horn and arrive in a snowstorm. On the ground, you will see marks from the monster’s large claws, place the tripod in position and hide behind the block for it to appear.

Kiiruberg Monster location TOEM