TOEM – Art Exhibition solution

In TOEM, players take on the role of a character armed with a camera embarking on a quest to explore and capture the wonders of the world. From solving puzzles to interacting with quirky characters and uncovering secrets. There is a quest that seems to be leaving players scratching their heads in TOEM, the Art Exhibition quest.

You can find this one at Logcity in the Art Gallery. The curator asks for a photograph of something distorted. Well, it is not easy to understand the concept of art that is required here, but the solution turns out to be quite simple. Apparently, the curator will accept any photo as long as it was taken with the Mud Camera.

Therefore, you first have to talk to the young people in the alley to get you muddy from head to toe and then just open up your imagination and photograph something that you think is worthy of a work of art.

Don’t forget that to get your camera clean again you have to talk to a character next to the bus stop. But he only cleans it once, don’t worry, you can clean the camera again as many times as you want using a tap in front of the clock tower.

Now that you know what kind of photo you need to submit to the Art Exhibition, don’t forget to check our other guides like the location of all Monsters in TOEM.