Synthoceps Solar Titan Build Destiny 2 (S21)

A new unstoppable build for Season 21

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep is here, and as usual, it brings some tweaks. Although Void and Arc are featured in Season 21 there are really good builds for the other subclasses. See here a powerful Solar Titan build with Synthoceps for Destiny 2 S21.

This Titan build is all about the melee, more specifically the Throwing Hammer. You will literally use that all the time, generating orbs of power and sunspots that heal you. At the same time, you recharge your abilities and get bonus solar damage. With this solar build, you can make hard-end activities solo.

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Titan Solar Abilities, Aspects & Fragments


Super Ability – Hammer of Sol

Class Ability –  Towering Barricade

Melee Ability – Throwing Hammer

Grenade Ability – Healing Grenade


Sol Invictus – Solar ability final blows, Hammer of Sol impacts, and defeating scorched targets creates Sunspots. Your abilities regenerate faster, and your Super drains more slowly while standing in a Sunspot. Sunspots apply scorch and deal damage to targets inside. Entering a Sunspot applies restoration.

Roaring Flames – Final blows with Solar abilities or ignitions increase the damage of your Solar abilities, stacks 3 times.


Ember of Ashes – You apply more scorch stacks to targets.

Ember of Searing – Defeating scorched targets grants melee energy and creates a Firesprite

Ember of Solace – Radiant and restoration effects applied to you have increased duration.

Ember of Torches – Powered melee attacks against combatants make you and nearby allies radiant.

Recommended Gear: Synthoceps

Synthoceps Titan build Destiny 2

If the melee is the main focus for this Destiny 2 Solar Titan build you need an exotic that buffs that. The Synthoceps is perfect for the job, when you are surrounded by enemies it gives you 50% more damage to Hammer of Sol and 200% damage to Throwing Hammer.

Recommended Mods for Solar Titan Build

As usual in Titan builds, focus first on Resilience and Discipline.


  • Ashes to Assets

Arms (Synthoceps)

  • Impact Induction
  • Heavy Handed


  • Concussive Dampener
  • (Any resistance Mod)


  • Innervation
  • Recuperation
  • Absolution

Class Item

  • Reaper
  • Bomber
  • Outreach