St Elmo’s Engine Build The Division 2 Y5 S1

A shocking build

The Division 2 has entered the Season 1 of Year 5, with some news, like a new exotic weapon that applies shocks to the targets. Here you can see a build with the St Elmo’s Engine for The Division 2.

The St Elmo’s Engine is a new exotic AR with shocking rounds, but not all the time. Shooting an enemy will give 1 stack, at 100 stacks the next magazine will be filled with shock ammo. Be careful, if you swap weapons the stacks reset, but the shock ammo you don’t lose. So if you want to take the maximum advantage from them, shoot multiple enemies to paralyze them with shocks and then finish them with another weapon before the effects end.

But what makes this one of the best assault rifles in The Division 2 are the mods. They give to St Elmo’s Engine, +20.0% Critical Hit Damage, +20.0% Weapon Handling, 20.0% Critical Hit Chance and +30 Rounds. A detail that many players may miss is that the last attribute is random, so you can reconfigure the weapon in the Crafting Station to get a new attribute.

St Elmo's Engine build the Division 2

St Elmo’s Engine exotic AR Build


St Elmo’s Engine


Gear Set

4 Sets Striker – Weapon hits increase total weapon damage by 0.65% stacking up to 6 times.

1 Memento Exotic backpack

Gear Attributes

Critical Hit Chance

Weapon Damage


Kill Confirmed (Memento) – Enemies you kill drop a trophy on death. Collecting trophies provides both a short and long term buff, the first of which scales with the number of core attributes equipped and lasts 10 seconds. For every trophy collected gain additional weapon damage, skill efficiency, and armor regeneration.

Perfect Companion – While you are within 10m of an ally or skill, total weapon damage is increased by 20%.




Fixer Drone

Revive Hive

That’s it, this is one suggestion of build but any Assault Rifle build for The Division 2 will work well with the St Elmo’s Engine.