Shocker Punch & St Elmo’s Engine Build The Division 2 2023

A shocking build

The Division 2 has entered the Season 1 of Year 5 with some new content, including an exotic assault rifle that applies shocks to the targets. Check here a great build to shock everyone with St Elmo’s Engine and Shocker Punch in The Division 2.

The St Elmo’s Engine exotic Assault Rifle, it’s equipped with the best mods. They give +20.0% Critical Hit Damage, +20.0% Weapon Handling, 20.0% Critical Hit Chance and +30 Rounds. This AR has shocking rounds, but not all the time. Shooting an enemy will give 1 stack, at 100 stacks the next magazine will be filled with shock ammo. Combined with the Shocker Punch exotic holster you apply Shock with melee in a 5 meters radius and get huge melee damage.

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Shocker Punch build the division 2

Shocker Punch and St Elmo’s Engine Build


St Elmo’s Engine

Weapon of preference

Gear Set

  • Gila Guard mask
  • Fenris Group AB chest
  • Shocker Punch exotic holster
  • Improvised kneepads
  • Walker, Harris & Co (gloves and backpack)

Gear Attributes

  • Armor
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Critical Hit Damage


Defibrillator (Shocker Punch) – While “Shocker Punch” is equipped the stun received by the agent from the shock status effect will be reduced by 50%. Using a shield will give 100% melee damage. Using St Elmo’s Engine with the holster will give 100% extra melee damage and will make the next melee attack apply Shock to the target. Using all 3 items applies the Shock from the melee in a 5 meters radius

Intimidate (chest) – While you have bonus armor, gain 1 stack each second up to a max of 7. Each stack increases weapon damage by 5% to enemies within 10 meters. All stacks are lost when you have no bonus armor.

Perfect Adrenaline Rush (backpack) – Whenever you are within 10 meters of an enemy, gain 23% bonus armor for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.




Crusader Ballistic Shield

Skill of preference