Heartbreaker Build The Division 2 2023

Tank build for The Division 2

We have entered Year 5 of The Division 2, with some adjustments and new content. See here a Heartbreaker tank build for Division 2 year 5 (2023) good for PvE and PvP.

The shotgun will be your main weapon, use an Assault Rifle for longer distances. You need a shotgun with high RPM to build up your Heartbreaker stacks quickly, by hitting pulsed enemies. With the stacks, you get a huge bonus on Armor and Damage.

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Heartbreaker Build The Division 2

Heartbreaker Build


ACS-12 Shotgun with Flatline that amplifies weapon damage by 15% to pulsed enemies. After 3 kills, applies pulse to the next enemy you hit.

Kingbreaker Assault Rifle

Gear Set

4 Sets Heartbreaker – Headshots apply pulse for 5 seconds. Weapon hits on pulsed enemies add a stack of +1 bonus armor and damage to pulsed enemies, up to a max of 50 stacks. Each second you lost 2 stacks.

Coyote’s Mask – You and all allies gain a bonus based on the distance of the last enemy you hit.

Gear Attributes


Critical Hit Chance


Technician – For the Linked Laser Pointer attachment, that pulse targets you aim and +1 skill tier.


Fixer Drone

Revive Hive