Rainbow Six Extraction Best Operators

SPOILER ALERT: Tachanka is not one of them!

Rainbow Six Extraction has a lot of operators to choose since they’re the same as in Rainbow Six Siege, so we made a list with the Rainbow Six Extraction Best Operators. If you’re into Wakfu don’t forget to check our Wakfu Classes Tier List for 2023 and don’t forget to check our Discord.

rainbow six extraction

List of the Best Operators

We tried every single operator in order to do this list and we admit that it can be tough to choose only a few as the Best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, so take into account that there are other operators that can fit better into your playstyle.

#5 – Finka

finka extraction

Finka is one of the two healers and since this is a co-op focused game, playing a healer is always a plus. Her adrenaline boost temporarily raises the HP of all teammates, and also revives teammates that are currently knocked out remotly.

#4 – IQ

IQ is our 4th pick because of her inteligence focus. She can tag supplies across the map and later when you level her up she’ll be able to scan enemies and objectives.

#3 – Lion

Lion is very useful because if you use his drone, you can see all enemies through the wall and make better decisions.

#2 – Doc

Doc takes the 2nd place because he’s arguably the best healer in the game. He can heal allies and himself and also can revive himself and allies remotely.

#1 – Vigil

Vigil is your first pick because he can become invisible. Which means that if you’re playing Rainbow Six Extraction solo, this is probably the best viable option for you.

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