No Man’s Sky : Beginners Guide

Here you will find out how the game No Man’s Sky works and a few tips and tricks that you can use in the game too! Let’s find out!

No Man’s Sky is game where you can explore the world! There are infinite galaxies that you can explore with your friends! There are more than 30 hours of story!

Beginner Guide

So here we will tell you some tips and tricks for when you start playing the game! Those are great tips if you have already started playing the game and you are at a good level already!

Explore The Underground

Something you gotta think when you start playing is money, so don’t be tempted to get materials and stuff and focus on the money! So before you leave your starting planet, explore the underground!

Expand The Inventory

One of the most important things in the game is to expand the inventory, but why? Because when you start playing, it will be full almost immediately, so its a need to expand the inventory! Buy them in space stations for Units.

Play The Tutorial!

We know it might be boring to play the tutorial, but trust us when we say that the tutorial in this game is important! Think of that as if it was the start of the game and just play it! It will not take that much time.

Scan everything you can!

The most important things to scan are minerals, animals and foliage! But you should scan everything you see because it can spot important things even if you dont expect them there!

Please, Upgrade Your Ship’s Hyperdrive!

Upgrading your ship’s Hyperdrive will increase the distance that your ship can jump! The three main Hyperdrive additions are Indium, Cadmium and Emeril!

So these were the tips and tricks for beginners in No Man’s Sky! We hope you liked it and you check other articles if you want!