Marvel’s Midnight Suns Spiderman Best Cards

Choose Wisely!

There are a lot of opinions regarding the best cards and best decks to use with Spiderman in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. We tested a lot of different decks and we came to some conclusions. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Spiderman Best Cards and don’t forget to check our Reddit and Discord.


Best Cards

Cards can be a significant factor in building the best Spider-Man build. Here are some of the best cards you should consider:

  1. Web Strike: This card increases the damage of Spider-Man’s web-based attacks, making them more effective against enemies.
  2. Spider-Sense: This card increases Spider-Man’s critical hit chance, allowing him to deal more damage with his attacks.
  3. Wall-Crawl: This card reduces the cost of Spider-Man’s Web-Swing ability, increasing his mobility around the battlefield.
  4. Venom Strike: This card adds extra damage to Spider-Man’s attacks, making him a more potent combatant.
  5. Acrobatics: This card increases Spider-Man’s evasion and defense, making him harder to hit and more resilient in combat.
  6. Spider-Sense Synergy: This card increases the damage of all of Spider-Man’s attacks for a short time after using a web-based ability.
  7. Heroic Inspiration: This card increases the duration of Spider-Man’s heroic abilities, making them more effective in combat.

Remember, the best cards for Spider-Man in Marvel Midnight Suns will depend on your playstyle and the specific abilities and equipment you have equipped. Experiment with different cards to find the ones that work best for you.

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