Marvel’s Midnight Suns Old Midnight Suns Locations

Four Statues, One Big Headache

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a turn-based game developed by Firaxis with some twists comparing to their usual games. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t good because there are already a lot of players praising the new mechanics with ability cards. Marvel’s Midnight Suns Old Midnight Suns Locations are not that easy to find and you’ll to search for four different statues. Before telling you about all locations don’t forget to check our Reddit and Discord.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Old Midnight Suns Locations

There are 4 different statues, such as:

  • Statue of Jeremiah Kane
  • Statue of Endra Moor
  • Statue of Will Walker
  • Statue of Yelena Nicovitch

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Statue of Jeremiah Kane

statue of jeremiah kane

This is probably the first statue that you’ll find. Head out to Blade’s Yard and then head down to the Grotto and follow the path over the bridge leading in the rough direction of Agatha’s Altar. After interacting with the statue her eyes will light up.

Statue of Endra Moor

statue of endra moor

Statue of Endra Moor is relatively easy to find but first you’ll need to unlock the second Moon Seal and gain access to the Blood Gate. Use the “Reveal” Word of Power to show an invisible bridge west of the Blood Gate, which leads north towards the Valley of Winds. On the south side of the bridge, the statue can be found on the right at the end of a narrow path.

Statue of Will Walker

statue of will walker

Everflowing Glade will be the way to go. Head to the Everflowing Glade waypoint and cross the bridge, then follow the path keeping an eye out for a dirt track that leads off to the left. Take this path and then hang left again to find the alcove with the statue.

Statue of Yelena Nicovitch

statue of yelena nicovitch

First of all this will probably be the last statue to reach because you’ll need to get some things beforehand. You’ll need to access to all four Words of Power and the Garden of Envy. Head to the Garden of Envy, face the Greenhouse, and take a right turn following the path to a blocked route. Use the “Break” Word of Power that will open the way and after that go down the path until you reach the “Devil’s Den.” From here the statue can be found on the right.

The End – Reward

When you have all the four statues lighted up, you’ll see a new legendary chest in the middle of the four statues next to the Abbey.